Package Delivery

Individual package cannot exceed the following limits:

weight: 22 kg
length: 1.05 m
dimension: 0.25 cubic metres
maximum girth of 200cm

The formula for working out the girth of your overseas parcel is:
Width + height x 2 = girth

For example: 30cm + 20cm = 50cm x 2 = 100cm girth

If a package exceeds our weight or dimension & girth restrictions, we will notify you and give you the option to either return the item(s) to the overseas merchants at your cost.

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Unfortunately, we are unable to split items in a package.

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Delivery to the vPost warehouse

Please refer to the overseas merchant’s website for details about their delivery times within the source country.

Please note that it will take *2 – 5 working days for us to process your parcel after it arrives at our source country warehouse before showing up against your vPost account.

*Please take note that delivery might be delayed due to unpredictable weather conditions (snowy weather, serve winter storms, holiday period and unexpected circumstance)

Delivery to my Australian address

After your vPost shipping costs have been paid and any other necessary documentation is complete, it should be delivered within the estimated business days stated from each respective source country*

*Business day estimated delivery time between metro areas of major cities. Excludes any time in customs and delays due to reasons outside of Australia Post’s control. Specific delivery times will be available online at

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Yes, you will be able to track your vPost items from receipt at our overseas warehouse right up to delivery at your nominated Australian address.

Simply log in to your vPost account and navigate to ‘My Tracking’ to view the status of your packages.

If the status of your parcel is “Shipped out” you may also track your package status at the Australia Post tracking site.

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We are not able to offer this service at the moment. However, we are looking into ways to provide updates wherever possible.

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No, changes to the delivery address need to be made before the payment of the packages. Once a package is paid, we are not able to make any further changes.

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To return items delivered via vPost, you will need to contact the overseas merchant directly, arrange your own postage and pay any associated freight costs.

Unfortunately, returns cannot be managed via vPost, nor can vPost assist you with this process.

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When your package arrived in Australia, it will be reflected as “Arrived in Australia” in your vPost account, under “Tracking” tab. You may also track your package status at this link here.

Your tracking number can be easily located beside your Package ID under “Tracking” tab.

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Each time you send a new parcel through vPost you can either:

  • add a new address, or
  • select your preferred address from your address book

You can add as many delivery addresses as you like, just be sure to select the correct delivery address each time you check out.

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