Shipping with vPost

You will receive a notification via email and sms when your parcel arrives at the vPost overseas warehouse.

You’ll also be able to view all of your received parcels by logging in to your vPost account and clicking ‘Action required’.

Refer to the full guide here.

Please ensure that you have updated your email address and your mobile on your vPost profile and that your mailbox is not full.

If you do not wish to proceed with having an item shipped via vPost Australia, you can choose to:

  • return your parcel to the overseas merchant you purchased from
  • have your parcel forwarded to an alternative address
  • ask vPost to securely dispose of your item

If you choose to return your parcel to the overseas merchant or forward it to another address, you will be asked to supply the address and a contact phone number for that address and pay for the associated delivery costs.

You may use our self help entry for return and redirect of your parcel. Fees will apply when you checkout. 

Please note that parcels at our vPost overseas warehouse can only be returned to domestically within the source country address.

Goods that cannot be sent via vPost Australia include:

  • food or perishable goods
  • items requiring cold storage shipping
  • dangerous or prohibited items as determined by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service. These commonly include perfume, items containing lithium-ion batteries, ink cartridges and aerosols.

More information on dangerous and prohibited items is available on the Australia Post website.

If your item cannot be delivered for any of the above reasons, you will be notified that you have an ’Erroneous Package’ and provided with alternative delivery options.

You may refer to the full list here

If you receive an incorrect item or quantity of goods delivered through vPost, you should liaise directly with the overseas Merchant for any refund, return, exchange or money-back guarantee claim.

You should enter vPost Overseas address, as found in ‘My Addresses’ in your vPost AU account.

Your vPost address comprises your name, a suite number and a street address. You must include your vPost suite number in the shipping address, as this is how vPost identifies that the parcel belongs to you.

Some merchants will allow you to enter your name and suite number in the name field, while others may not accept numbers in that field. If this happens, simply enter your suite number in the 2nd or 3rd address line instead.

If a phone number is required, enter your own number.

Estimated delivery in 7 to 13 working days from the date of payment.

Working days do not include Saturday, Sunday, both in Australia or product source country and public holidays.

*Subject to clearance from local customs and not limited to unforeseen weather conditions and circumstances.

  • Public holidays
    Please be aware that public holidays, both in Australia or product source country, affects delivery dates.
  • Working Days
    Working days do not include Saturday, Sunday, both in Australia or product source country and public holidays.
    Gentle reminder that the product source country warehouses are in a different time zone to you.

Your source country address is only meant to be your shipping address, not your billing address, or an address for you to manage mail.

We will discard the letter immediately should we investigate that your packages fall under credit card application or any monetary activities using our source country warehouse.

When packages are delivered to our overseas vPost warehouse, they are often received in bulk.
This is the common practice for most of the big local couriers that are delivering to our warehouse.