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Shop from anywhere in Thailand!

Shop from anywhere in Thailand!

Thailand is a shopping paradise and now with vPost, shipping your purchases home has never been easier! Reasonable prices and great bargains are part of every Thailand shopping spree but so is the stressful shipping process to get your best buys home.
vPost lets you ship all your purchases from Thailand’s online merchants straight to your doorstep within a week!
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Ship your Thailand Packages with vPost and enjoy these additional benefits:

Ship Items Regardless of Weight

vPost shipping charges from Thailand start with a base weight of 500gram and are measured in increments of 100g thereafter. This means that you will not have to meet a high minimum weight or be charged unnecessarily for access weight. This way you can plan your purchases better and enjoy greater savings when you ship from Thailand today!

Automatically Repacked For Better Savings

To ensure you save more when shipping from Thailand, vPost will automatically repack your package if the difference between the actual weight and volumetric weight is more than 2kg, unless it compromises the safety of the package. This lets you focus on shopping knowing vPost will take care of shipping! Ship smart with vPost today!

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vPost offers you exclusive deals and promotions that you can enjoy when shipping your Thai purchases home. Available for a limited time only, explore the deals and promotions available on vPost today!

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When vPost delivers your new purchases directly to your doorstep in less than a week, shopping from online merchants in Thailand is better than ever!

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Thailand Shipping Rates

By Air For Quicker Delivery
3 - 4 ^Woking Days

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Actual Weight


Parcel Weight


Volumetric Weight


length x width x height


*Chargeable to whichever weight is higher.

^ Working days do not include Saturday, Sunday, both in Australia or product source country’s (Click here for various countries you can ship from, via vPost) and public holidays.

Minimum chargeable weight for Air Freight is 0.5kg and an incremental weight break of 0.1kg thereafter.

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