Items that vPost does not ship from China

Items that vPost does not ship from Japan
June 25, 2019
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September 19, 2019

Items that vPost does not ship from China

Items that are considered dangerous, prohibited or restricted cannot be imported into Australia using vPost. Customs Authorities in both countries employ strict measures to monitor each and every item processed. The list below is not a comprehensive list but a list of common items that you cannot send using vPost.

We reserved the rights to advise you that the products are not accepted for import while the list did not specifically indicate the limitations.
Where appropriate, contact you to discuss and agree on an appropriate action to take; (b) use reasonable efforts to return the item to merchant at your cost; or (c) dispose the item in any manner we deem fit without being liable to you.

The items listed below serve as a guide on some of the most common items that vPost does not ship.

Please note this list is not exhaustive and only includes some of the most common items.

These restrictions are in addition to the list of dangerous and prohibited goods, please click here.

  • All kinds of Alcohol-based / Flammable products (e.g. perfumes, cologne, toners, sanitisers etc.)
  • All liquids (lotion, cream, toothpaste, a contact lens with liquid, etc.)
  • Any batteries (standalone or contain in equipment, even though it is a new iPhone from Apple manufacturer or a normal watch with a button battery)
  • Any weapon shape (knife, scissors, cutter, etc.)
  • Any external battery/power bank for smartphones or tablets devices
  • Any standalone batteries
  • Flammable items such as perfume/nail polish
  • Radio transceivers and secure communication devices
  • Wireless earbuds – Wireless earbuds case contains Li Batt and acts as a portable charger. This is prohibited from air transportation.
  • Fuels
  • Face mask, Disposable/Reusable surgical mask
  • Drone
  • Gasoline
  • Gas torches
  • Items that are not labelled in English (Dietary supplements/ Cosmetics/ Food)
  • Any food, supplement, drug or cosmetic that has been issued a Consumer Safety Advisory Warning by Authority
  • Any unidentifiable material, substance or chemical.
  • Super Capacitors or Capacitors
    Example: UN3508, with an energy storage capacity greater than 0.3Wh, unable to ship via Air Freight
  • Intoxicating liquors
  • Tobacco products
  • Petroleum products
  • Articles, publications of a pornographic or obscene nature
  • Alcohol products and beverages
  • Animals
  • Antiques (breakable and/or fragile)
  • ArtWorks
  • Asbestos
  • Bullion
  • Diamonds
  • Currency
  • Gold & Silver
  • Chewing gum
  • Chewing tobacco, shisha tobacco and imitation tobacco products(e.g. electronic cigarettes, etc.)
  • Cigarette lighters in the shapes of pistols or revolvers
  • Controlled drugs and psychotropic substances
  • Explosives, poisons, radioactive material, compressed gas, corrosive, firearms, flammables and any item which by its nature can potentially cause damage to other items or expose regulatory and customs officers to injury.
  • Any product that can be used in military, chemical or biological weapons, missile technology, or nuclear proliferation (e.g. handcuffs, leg cuffs, ankle cuffs, police-type batons, spraying and fogging systems)
  • Endangered species of wildlife and their by-products
  • Fertilizers
  • Weed killers
  • Motor vehicles (including but not limited to personal mobility devices, such as Hoverboard, Electric Scooter, Segway, Unicycle and power-assisted bicycle. Item(s) received at Origin unable to process for redirect to another address)
  • Firecrackers & fireworks
  • Firearms, parts thereof and ammunition
  • Night Vision / Infra-Red Goggles and Binoculars
  • Sharp knives (eg: hunting knives and swords)
  • Imitation arms including toy guns, toy pistols, hand grenades
  • Furs
  • Fishes and fishery products (including finfish, crustaceans and molluscs)
  • Hazardous or combustible materials (as defined in IATA Regulations)
  • Human remains, including ashes
  • Jewellery, precious metals and stones
  • Laser apparatus such as laser pointers that are found to have emission powers
  • Radioactive material & waste
  • Items that require temperature-control
  • Medical samples (e.g. biological/diagnostic specimens, blood, urine, bodily fluids, etc.)
  • Narcotic drugs
  • Prescription drugs
  • Unlicensed drugs
  • Meat or animal extracts
  • Seeds / live plant
  • Squalane (not 100% plant-based)
  • Narcotics (illegal)
  • Nicotine
  • Processed egg
  • Pets
  • Perishable foods (e.g., cheese, yoghurt, eggs)
  • Processed foods (food products that are not classified as meat, seafood or fresh fruits and vegetables)
  • All types of videotapes, video compact discs, digital video discs, laserdiscs, records or cassettes
  • Counterfeit/replica goods
  • Seditious and treasonable materials
  • Supplements claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases
  • Royal Expert Whitening Cream

These restrictions are in addition to the list of dangerous and prohibited goods, please click here.
This list may be updated from time to time. Please contact us if you require any further assistance.

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