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April 26, 2019
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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Shopping for Father's Day has always been a tad more of a struggle compared to Mother's Day. Maybe most fathers appear to not be in need or in want of anything special, which makes gift-giving all the more difficult. Fear not this time, for we have curated the perfect gifts for different types of fathers out there.
Source: Prezzybox

Self-Stirring Mug

For the father who appreciates innovation in his daily routine
This self-stirring mug is perfect for the father who is up hours before the entire family and spends his mornings by the dining table, reading the morning papers and sipping from a thermoflask. This nifty little mug stirs your coffee (or any other beverage, really) when you press and hold on a button on its handle, cutting down on the tea spoon to be washed and focus dropped when you break gaze from your work to stir your coffee.
Source: Fossil


For the father who appreciates tech
If your father is a tech junkie, a smartwatch on his wrist is going to make his life a lot easier. Better yet - his health is going to benefit from the many fitness features offered. Depending on his interests and if he's an Apple or Android user, there are a number of options when it comes to smart watches. We recommend Fossil Smartwatch for its large display and lightweight feel.
Source: Equus

Leather Wallet

For the father who appreciates quality and class
Does your father use a leather wallet? Chances are that his are worn. If quality is something he holds in high regard when it comes to his personal belongings, he will love a handcrafted Equus Handcrafted wallet. These wallets are hand stitched and made with top quality vegetable-tanned leather, which means they last long and age beautifully. They offer classic styles for a simplistic yet elegant look, as well as more intricate pieces with crocodile leather.
Source: Carson Footwear

Athletic Shoes

For the fit and fabulous father
If your father has been wearing the same beat-up trainers for his morning runs, it's definitely time to get him a new pair of kicks. Surprise your father with this minimalist Black Ops Running Shoes by Carson Footwear that is made to order by hand in Oregon USA.

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