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Aora's Rates & Fees

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AORA is a third party service. Terms and conditions of usage can be found at

Aora's FAQ

1Do I still need to sign up for another account with Aora, even if I’m a vPost customers?
Yes, Aora is third party provider, vPost customer has to sign up directly with Aora as new customer.
2How does AORA estimate my shipping fees?
We understand that unknown shipping fees can cause a lot of discomfort in deciding whether you want to purchase a product, and thus we decided to change this by offering a one-time all-inclusive shipping fee from the merchant all the way to your doorstep. To do so, we pass each product URL through a proprietary product weight database of over 7+ million products (and counting!) to estimate the shipping weight and dimensions of the product.

When the product reaches the warehouse and we find that the weight and dimensions that we estimated is higher than the actual weight and dimensions, we will then proceed to give you a refund on the additional shipping fees incurred with the estimated difference only if the difference is above 500g. If the actual product weighs heavier than the estimation, we will absorb the difference in shipping fees incurred.

For more information, please click here.
3What are the rates and fees for AORA Buy?
The fees involved in buying with AORA consists of the following:

  1. Product cost
  2. Domestic shipping fees (if applicable. Find out more here)
  3. International shipping fees
  4. Agent fee (5% or $9, whichever is higher)
  5. Taxes & duties (if applicable)

For cryptocurrency payments, an additional handling fee of 10% will apply to the transaction.

Scenario 1: Alan purchases a Kindle from Amazon using Singapore Dollars with AORA, and ships it with Economy Shipping

The cost breakdown will be as followed:

USD Conversion to SGD: USD 147 = ~SGD 207.27



Cost of Product SGD 207.27
Domestic Shipping Fees        Free domestic shipping from Amazon
International Shipping Fees     SGD 7.45 (for 500g) 
Agent Fee (5%)     SGD 10.73
Taxes & Duties (GST applicable for orders above SGD 400)Not Applicable
Total CostSGD 225.45
4How long will my package take to reach me?
  • Economy – 13 to 19 working days from making the purchase on AORA
The number of days for shipping include the time taken for the merchant to send the package to our US warehouse, international shipping from US to Singapore, and last-mile delivery to your doorstep. The estimated delivery date can be found in your order under your accounts.

Do note that this is an estimation, and will vary from merchant to merchant.

5 What is the difference between automatic checkouts and quotes?

Automatic checkouts are available for our supported merchants, who are popular US merchants that AORA can accurately extract important product information such as product price and options. Automatic checkouts mean that you do not need to wait for a quote, and checkout immediately on our website so that AORA can get your order processed in a faster time. We are growing our list of supported merchants, so please feel free to let us know here if you have any merchants you would like to see on this ever-growing list!

Our supported merchants:

For orders from other merchants, you can request for a quote by putting in the link into the AORA input bar on the home page. Add to cart, request for a quote, and get a free quote with all-inclusive shipping prices from USA to Singapore.

Find out more about how to use the AORA service here

For more information, please click Here.
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