Declare Your Package(s)

You’ll be notified, via email, once your package(s) has arrived at our vPost overseas warehouse.
Log In to your vPost account, click on source country to locate your package(s).
Go to “Action Required” tab to declare your packages
Declare Packages and Value
  • Please ensure to declare your packages correctly for Customs and Claims purposes.
  • Any packages without declaration or with misleading information in the declaration will affect
    the shipping and delivery process in Singapore.

  • Any false statement in the declaration may affect the vCare claim of your packages.
    Please opt for vCare if you wish your packages to be protected against loss or damage during
    transportation (with certain exclusions).
After declaration, your packages(s) will appear to “Ready to Ship” tab. Select Shipping Mode and Make Payment

Save on shipping when you select your packages to be shipped together. No Base Charge will be applied from your 2nd package onwards, to maximise your savings when you start bundling

Edit declared package(s) (Optional)
Under “Ready to Ship” tab, click Merchant name to edit your declaration.
If in any cases you entered wrongly and need to edit your declared package(s)
Change declaration and submit
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