Expected Delivery

Expected Delivery
An Expected Delivery in vPost is an item or good that you've had shipped from overseas that is going to a vPost warehouse.
Enter ‘New Expected Delivery’ button via Dashboard.
Shows counts of Expected Delivery
  • E.g. An indication of 2 package for pending expected deliveries.
New Expected Package
Select and enter the following details & click "Submit Order":
  • Overseas Country: Country where ED is expected (Warehouse)
  • Package Name: Description of package for identification
  • Tracking No.: Merchant tracking number of expected package (10-45 alphanumeric)
  • ETA: Expected date of package arrival to warehouse
You will receive a confirmation message on the website screen.
  • "Back to Dashboard" to view status
  • "Go to Expected Delivery Page" to Edit your expected packages
Pending Deliveries
Customer will be able to view the list of submitted ED from “Expected Delivery” menu to Edit or check on the ED status. Pending denotes packages not arrived in warehouse yet.
Edit’ and ‘Delete’ options allow customer to modify the ED – editable till package received
  • Pending: New Expected Delivery with no match yet
  • Arrive In Warehouse: Arrive in warehouse (not processed yet but scanned in only) – “process” means declare/repack if necessary
Received Deliveries
This list will show all “Expected Delivery” arrived/received in warehouse. On package receipt, customers will then be able to see and transact in ‘My Packages’ menu as normal. Received packages will be searchable in admin module
  • Received: Package created and found in ‘My Packages’