Guide to Return your package (only applicable for Domestic Returns with Prepaid Postage Label)

Select the specific package, you wish to return.
Select the “Return Package” button to begin.
Upload your merchant Return Label (Only PDF File) and click “Submit” to initiate the return request.
There will be a fixed fee of S$6.50 for this request. Kindly select the payment option.
We accept payment via Credit/Debit Card or PayPal.
Your Billing address is required if you enter a new credit/debit card.
Once payment is completed, you may either click to “Download Invoice” or to continue click “Go To Dashboard Page”
As all necessary fees have been paid, we are preparing for the return now.
You can expect 3 upcoming emails notifications:
• You will first receive a payment confirmation email.
• The second email will notify you with the return tracking details once our team arranges for the delivery agent to pick up.
• You will receive a third notification email once the package has been handed over to the delivery agent.
Note: Please track the status of your return package using the provided tracking no. and courier agent provided for the final delivery status.


1What is this new Return Shipment feature?

We realise that there are many occasions you receive your items in the warehouse and you change your mind. Now with our new return service feature, you can buy and return at ease!

However, this feature is only applicable for Domestic Returns with Prepaid Postage Label (Applicable for US Shipment) for now and not applicable to international returns.

2How much is the processing fee to Return my packages?

The processing fee is at a flat fee of S$6.50 regardless of the source country. 

However, a return label must be provided while submitting the request. 

You may need to check directly with your respective merchant to request for the prepaid return label. 

3What if I do not have a prepaid return label from my merchants?

If you do not have any prepaid return label from your merchants, it would be treated as “Redirecting” shipment. 

Please click here on the guide to redirect your merchants or to your respective address.

4Will vPost be able to provide final confirmation that the items have been delivered to the respective merchant?

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to track your package all the way to your respective merchants. 

You need to track directly with the respective delivery agent provided in our email. You may track the status of your return package using the provided tracking no. and courier agent.

5When will other overseas countries have this feature?
We are happy to announce that this new feature have been released to all countries on 14th September 2020.
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