Repack My Package

Repacking Service
The repacking service is available for package(s) from USA.
For USA package(s), repack option will be available to customer if the difference between the actual weight and volumetric weight exceeds 2KG.
Repacking service is not available for UK as the shipping is charged based on the actual weight.
For vPost Japan, vPost China, vPost Taiwan and vPost Thailand if the package has more than 2kg difference between the actual weight and volumetric weight, will be automatically be repacked by us unless it compromises on the safety of the packages.
For vPost Malaysia, no repacking services provided.
Login vPost account and check your vPost package(s) status and select the source countries.
Pending Repacking
In the event when the difference between your package(s) actual weight and volumetric weight is over 2kg, you will see “Repack” under “Ready to Ship” tab.
Click on the repack button.

*Note there will be a repacking fee of $6. Rest assured we will ensure that you enjoy savings on your package even after taking into account of the repacking fee.

Repacking Status
Once confirming your vPost package(s).
Kindly wait for 2 working days to get your vPost package(s) repacked.
Your vPost package(s) will appear on “Ready to Ship” tab, once we have completed the repacking service for you.
Why isn’t the repack option offered to me for my package
The repack option is not offered when – Your package(s) volumetric weight of a package is 2kg less than the actual weight and – Package(s) is deemed unsuitable for repacking. Eg: Fragile items with protective material used in their original packing(s) such as laptops and audio speakers may not be suitable for repacking
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