Shop from overseas websites using your personal overseas address.

Always choose delivery option with a tracking number for your packages when sending over to vPost overseas address (check with your merchants on this).
◦ Provide proof of delivery to our warehouse.  Without a tracking number and status to provide proof of delivery, we cannot be held liable for any packages which the merchants claimed to have been delivered but has not yet reached our warehouse. ◦ Help us to locate your packages in cases where your VP ID is not available
In the event, you are not able to enter the VP ID as part of your name, you may indicate the VP ID in the address line 2.
Please note that on occasions, the tracking status may show that your package has been delivered but actual delivery has not taken place yet. Do allow for one – two extra working day and check again to see if your package is reflected in your dashboard.
If not, please contact us with details of:
◦ Name and VP ID ◦ Tracking Number This will help us to locate and process your packages as soon as possible.
Package Arrival
You’ll be notified, via email, once your packages has arrived at our vPost overseas warehouse.

*Side Note: Should your merchant delivery status reflects "delivered". Typically it requires at least 2 working days for your packages to be reflected on your dashboard.

Once your packages have been delivered to our overseas warehouse, they will be processed and details will be updated in your account within 2 working days.
If you like to be notified when your packages arrive at the overseas warehouse via SMS, please login and go here to add in your mobile number.

Please note that our overseas warehouses do not operate on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays of the overseas country

Log In to your vPost account, click on source country to locate your packages.
Whitelist vPost email
In order to receive important notification emails about your packages, please add to your email whitelist (to prevent them from falling into your junk or spam folder).
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