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Looking for ideas on where to shop and save up to 80% using vPost?
In the event, you are not able to enter the VP ID as part of your name, you may indicate the VP ID in the address line 2
Click on these helpful links which gives you an idea of the popular merchants our members have been buying from:
All packages enjoy a free 30 days storage fee.
This is to allow you to consolidate a few more packages and have them shipped together in one invoice as you enjoy the waiver of the base charge from the 2nd package onwards.
Additional shipping protection with vCare:
When you are paying for your shipping to Singapore, you will be provided with an option to opt for vCare – our enhanced shipping coverage program.
For a small additional fee, you will be covered (subjected to limited exceptions) for the full amount of shipping charges paid plus 100% of the declared value of the item, subject to a maximum cap of SGD $20,000. Terms and conditions apply.
Multiple Delivery Options
To provide you the flexibility of receiving your deliveries, you can choose:
You’re subjected to GST (7%) if the cost of shipping, insurance, and freight exceed S$450.
You need to fill up a Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED) form if the item(s) you bought add up to more than US$2,500 (~S$3,554.50).
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