Shopping on Amazon international from Singapore


There’s no doubt that is one of the Singapore’s favourite overseas online sites, and for good reason. You can get almost anything on and ship it to Singapore through vPost.

You can buy on Amazon USA, Japan and UK; books, amazon kindle, toys, headphones or clothing, jewelry and even kitchenware. Best part, using vPost you can ship it directly to Singapore at your doorstep!

Use your USA, UK and JAPAN shipping address to ship to Singapore

vPost Forwarding service allows you to shop in peace. vPost delivers your amazon items to Singapore.

    How you get your vPost USA, UK and JAPAN address to shop in the US, Japan and ship to Singapore in quick and easy steps:

  1. Sign up for free vPost membership and overseas address. With the free overseas address, you will be able to use it as the intermediary shipping from together with your unique vPost VPN ID in the vPost address. And from the address, vPost will ship to Singapore.
    vPost is a freight forwarding service by Singapore Post Limited, not only allows you to save on shipping cost with its bundling and 30 days free storage services, but also we provide island-wide POP Station 24/7 service in Singapore.
  2. Start Shopping! When ordering either on Amazon US, Amazon UK or Amazon JP, use your vPost USA, UK and JAPAN address as the shipping address. For your Billing Address, use the address of your credit cards, which is most likely an address in Singapore.
  3. When the seller on Amazon US, Amazon UK and Amazon JP has sent your order to vPost overseas address. vPost will inform you when we receive it at our vPost warehouse. Once your purchase has arrived, Log Into your vPost account and you’ll see the shipping, tax, duties cost of shipping to your address in Singapore.
  4. If everything is good to go, select the desired shipping mode (applicable for USA shipping only) and pay vPost for shipping, tax and duties cost. Your parcel will then be delivered to your actual address in Singapore.

Paying on Amazon USA from Singapore accepts a large range of payment methods but it’s possible that your card is rejected because of the billing address outside of the USA or your card is not supported to buy in the USA. Fret not, we have partner with AORA. bringing you a seamless technology service while you shop overseas online. Click here to find out more.

Cheaper Shipping rates to shop and ship for Singapore

Overseas shipping rates are based on volumetric weight. The more space the parcel will take a plane and the more expensive the shipping rate will be.

Merchants is known for using boxes that are large than the actual items and for shipping multiple items in several boxes.

Other merchants might also not optimize their packaging. This could cost you with a higher cost of international shipping cost.

    With vPost, you have a few ways you can save on your international shipping to Singapore.

  1. You can consolidate your parcel and ship them all at once. Bonus tips to enjoy 2nd packages onwards with our bundling discount.
  2. You can store your orders at the warehouse for free during 30 days to maximize your consolidation advantage and savings!
  3. Enjoy our membership exclusive shipping discounts.
  4. For cheaper shipping option, you may choose our* Economy Shipping mode which we charge by actual weight.

*Only USA and Europe Shipment

Check out vPost Shipping rates from USA, UK and JAPAN.

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