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July 27, 2021
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Why Do Australians Love To Buy From Overseas

You can ship anything from overseas to Australia, as long as it’s not a restricted item, of course. Australians are buying more and more from overseas every year. This pattern was increased even more so during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 9 Million Australian households reported they were making online purchases, says 2021 Inside Australian Online Shopping Report. Within the list of goods purchased, accessories come in at the topmost purchased items for Australians. Second to this is clothes, with more than 50 percent of Aussies admitted to buying clothes online, says Statista Global Consumer Survey.

Millions of Australians are buying from overseas. However, postage satisfaction rates have been lacking. This is shown through a 2017 NSW Fair Trading Survey. The survey found that 50% of the Australians who bought overseas products had postage problems, including late arrivals and damaged goods. This is where vPost comes in. vPost is a newly launched platform—arriving in Australia on June First, 2021. vPost offers international shipping from 9 source countries.

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Sign Up As a vPost Member To Receive 15% Off Your First Shipment

vPost offers new members a 15% discount for first orders with 0 sign-up fees. With competitive rates and quality service vPost are a go-to for Australians buying products from overseas. The user-friendly platform works using these four simple steps:

1) Sign up on vPost website to get a personalized overseas address

2) Shop online through overseas stores using your given personalized address

3) Check out and have your packages safely sent to overseas vPost addresses, placed across nine countries

4) Have your package then delivered to Australia to your local address

Let's Find Out Why Australians Love To Buy From Overseas

Lower prices

The products made in Australia are fantastic. However, when you can buy the same product for half the price from overseas, why wouldn't you? This is where we often turn to overseas purchases. Products can be produced, sold, and shipped for a fraction of the cost of buying from an Australian company. made a detailed list of Brands found cheaper overseas, including top brands such as GoPro, Lego, L’oreal, and BMW. The complete list can be found here.

How much more are you paying?

Here are 3 popular brand examples

Brand & Item Price in Australia Price in America (in AUD) Difference
Apple, Macbook Air Notebook 13 inch $1,399.00 $1,378.37 1.47%
KitchenAid, StandMixer $1,199.00 $965.81 19.45%
MAC Cosmetics, Lipstick $36.00 $22.08 38.68%
Check out what other brands are cheaper here.

vPost has improved prices for overseas purchasing by providing affordable rates from the nine countries they work from. vPost has 0 hidden fees, and with FREE repackaging, you can't go wrong. With the combination of cheaper products and affordable shipping, no wonder why Australians are turning to other countries for their goods.

Expats and Foreign Residents living in Australia

Australia is a great country; however, ex-pats or foreign residents living here do still get homesick. The problem is you can't always buy the food you love in Australia. Even as a culturally diverse country, you may still need to ship your favorite foods from overseas. Flaming hot Cheetos, captain crunch, Reese's cereal, Trix, lucky charms, and twinkies.

These American brands can be scarce or impossible to find within Australia. South American products like Pan, Plantain, and specialty chocolates need to be shipped from other countries. With the improved speed of delivery from overseas, getting these items delivered to you in Australia is no longer a problem. International purchasing also allows friends and relatives to ship and send to and from Australia.

It’s Convenient

Buying online gets more accessible and easier every year. With more efficient interfaces, several payment methods, and fast postage. Even shipping taxes are becoming less of a hassle as certain websites aid you to declare shipping tax. Getting ready, jumping in the car, driving to the shops, walking around aimlessly to only find half of what you need. All of that is removed from the equation when buying from overseas brands and companies.

With everything listed above taken into consideration, it is clear why international purchases are increasing. With more affordable products, more extensive ranges, and simpler platforms, buying goods from overseas will continue to become more popular.To aid in this social shift in purchasing, vPost offers excellent prices, good service, and fast delivery.

Click here to find out more about the vPost shipping rates from all source countries to Australia.

Click here to find out more about items that vPost does not ship to Australia.

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