Items that are considered dangerous, prohibited or restricted cannot be imported into Australia using vPost. Customs Authorities in both countries employ strict measures to monitor each and every item processed. The list below is not a comprehensive list but a list of common items that you cannot send using vPost.

Prohibited or restricted items by Australian Border Protection
  • Animal products and by-products (finished leather products are acceptable)
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Prohibited and/or medicinal drugs
  • Ivory and ivory by-products

Before purchasing any item from international sellers we recommend checking with the Customs Authorities. Please click here for Border Protection and click here for Department of Agriculture.

Whilst every effort is made to disallow shipping of the below items Australian Border Force may impose additional charges for import clearance. If this occurs we will provide you with an opportunity to discard the package and in doing so you would forfeit the value of the parcel along with any postage costs. More information can be located at

Items that are explosive, highly flammable, radioactive or otherwise dangerous
  • Standalone batteries (Portable battery chargers (including powercore/powerports which also function as a powerbank)
  • Aerosols
  • Compressed or pressurised gas (including shocks for car, bicycle and outdoor equipment).
  • Chemicals
  • Engine oils / essential oils
  • Flammable and toxic content products
  • Fuels, gasoline and gas torches
  • Hazardous or loose liquids
  • Ink cartridges
  • Electronic device which contains battery purchased from eBay/ individual seller (used items shipped without manufacturer’s packaging) All used electronics with li-ion/rechargeable batteries are not permissible for Airfreight under the regulations
  • Magnetized Material
  • Nail polish/s
  • Perfume or aftershaves

vPost will not handle the following
  • Supplements / vitamins
  • Wooden articles and any items made of wood
  • Bullion, banknotes and coins
  • e-cigarettes, vaporisers, evape and accessories
  • Food, food by-products or perishable items
  • Magazines, catalogues, flyers, circulars
  • Organic materials
  • Personal effects (used items)
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Plants & plant materials and seeds
  • Prescription, traditional and natural Medicines
  • Precious metals and gemstones
  • Tobacco and Tobacco Products
  • Weapons and firearms - antique and collectible firearms, paintball guns; bb guns, soft air firearms, rifles, handguns, shotguns, muzzle loading firearms, replicas, imitation firearms, (which could include toys), pistols, ammunition, parts, accessories, and all firearm components
  • Knives of any kind (except Swiss Army Knife, Kitchen Knives and Multi-tool)

  • Alcoholic products or beverages (item(s) will be discarded at origin and unable to be processed for returns or redirected to another address)
  • Cannabidiol or Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) products ‘(item(s) will be discarded at origin and unable to be processed for returns or redirected to another address)
  • These restrictions are in addition to Australia Post's list of dangerous and prohibited goods, please click here.

    What happens to dangerous and prohibited items?

    If you order products that are classified dangerous or prohibited and cannot be legally exported from the overseas warehouse to Australia, vPost may not return those items to the overseas merchant or ship them to an alternative address. You should be aware that they are subject to seizure by customs law enforcement authorities who may investigate further.

    Once customs has completed their investigation, you will have the option to either:

    • arrange a return to the overseas merchant at your own cost, or
    • advise us to dispose of the product

    Weight and size restrictions

    The maximum weight of a single parcel that can be sent through vPost is 22kg.

    Individual parcels must not exceed the following dimensions:

    • a maximum girth of 200cm
    • no one side greater than 1.05m in length
    • a dimension greater than 0.25 cubic metres

    The formula for working out the girth of your overseas parcel is:
    Width + height x 2 = girth

    For example: 30cm + 20cm = 50cm x 2 = 100cm girth

    In the event that a parcel exceeds our weight or dimension restrictions, you will be notified and given the option to either pay for a return to the overseas merchant or have the item destroyed in the overseas warehouse.

    Cold storage shipping

    vPost does not offer a cold storage shipping solution. Please do not send any perishables or items that may be affected by the change in climate.

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