An additional administrative and processing charge of $AUD 55.00 will be imposed if your USA retailer invoice isn’t submitted within 48 hours of providing payment.

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In order to comply with Australian Tax Office requirements, vPost AU will need to ensure that the declared value provided by vPost AU customers is accurate as per the USA retailer invoice.

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Each parcel is weighed and measured when it is received at the vPost warehouse.

The final shipping rate you are charged will be based on these actual dimensions and measurements, rather than any estimate provided in advance by our shipping calculator.

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If you cannot see your parcel, please click ‘Find my package’.

Enter the merchant tracking number that was issued to you by the overseas merchant during checkout.

If you do not have a merchant tracking number, please contact the overseas merchant for further assistance.

Transactions between you and the overseas merchant will be conducted in their preferred currency.

vPost’s shipping charges are shown in Australian dollars.

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You should contact your bank or credit card provider to see if they can add your vPost address as a secondary billing address on your account.

Alternatively, you may wish to consider using an international travel card. These foreign currency cards give you all the convenience of shopping in another currency with greater security.

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Some merchants may not accept overseas credit cards as a method of payment.

Additionally, there are other possible reasons why your credit card might have been declined.

We recommend contacting your credit card provider for further information.

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Cover for loss or damage is not automatically provided for items sent via vPost.

You can buy vCare for items valued up to AUD8,000.00*. It costs 2% of your total shipping fees. Items are covered for loss or damage once Extra Cover is fully paid.

Please note that vCare does not cover loss or damage that is caused by:

  • your own wilful misconduct
  • ordinary wear and tear
  • delay, however caused
  • electrical fault or non-operation of the goods in the absence of any visible damage

*Available for selected postal items only.

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If your shipment arrives visibly damaged, please make a note on the receipt that the delivery driver asks you to sign. Then open the package and carefully check your goods for signs of damage.

If the goods themselves are damaged, please email to our vPost Australia customer contact for  instructions of how to submit a claim.

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Within 48 hours of successfully providing payment, for each vPost transaction you’ll need to email Australia Post a copy of the retailer invoice.

The invoice which you send to us must include details of the price of all of the goods which you are sending to Australia via vPost and the shipping fees of these products from the USA retailer to the vPost overseas warehouse.

How to email us your invoice:

  1. Email a copy of the USA retailer invoice to:
  2. Include your first and last name and vPost ID in the email subject line.
    • Your VP ID is the second address line of your vPost overseas address, this can be found in the “My Addresses” tab once you log in to your account.
    • For example: John Smith,VP ID AU-XXX-XXX
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From 1 July 2018, each time you check out a vPost Australia parcel and declare the value of the goods, you will be asked to provide payment for your vPost Australia shipping and the applicable GST all in the same transaction. The rate of GST is 10%.

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From 1 July 2018, Australia Post is required to collect GST from vPost Australia customers and pay that GST to the Australian Tax Office, on items valued at $1,000 AUD or less, that you ship into Australia using vPost Australia.

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If your parcel is over $980 AUD, it may be deemed as High Value Parcel by Australian Customs. We will advise you of this via your vPost Australia account and additional duties and taxes may be levied and payable once your parcel is received by Customs in Australia. Australian Customs will require additional documentation including a Shipper’s Export Declaration form.

Upon receipt of such notification, you have the option to either:

  1. Use our nominated customs broker to handle customs clearance. You will have to pay the customs broker directly all brokers fees and all taxes, duties, levies or charges assessed; or
  2. Act on your own behalf to either (a) manage the customs processes yourself, or (b) locate and appoint a customs broker of your own choosing to complete all necessary forms and declarations required by Australian Customs; or
  3. Elect to return the parcel back to the US merchant or shipped to another address in the US at your own cost.
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Once your vPost parcel status shows ‘Package included’, you’ll be able to pay the shipping charges by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to your vPost account and navigate to “vPost member’s portal site”
  2. Select the parcel you would like to pay for
  3. Verify your delivery details
  4. Enter a voucher code if applicable
  5. Proceed to checkout and pay with Visa or MasterCard
  6. Email to vPost Australia a copy of your overseas retailer invoice to:

You have 30 days to pay shipping costs. Storage fees may apply if payment is not made within this time.

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For parcels from different merchants, if you are paying for the shipments via vPost on the same day in one transaction, you may be eligible for a bundling discount. Your first parcel will be charged the full shipping rate, while you get a $8.25 AUD discount (including GST) on each subsequent parcel.

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Unfortunately, we are unable to split items in a package.

Delivery to the vPost warehouse

Please refer to the overseas merchant’s website for details about their delivery times within the source country.

Please note that it will take 2 working days for us to process your parcel after it arrives at our source country warehouse, before it shows up against your vPost account.

Delivery to my Australian address

After your vPost shipping costs have been paid and any other necessary documentation is complete, it should be delivered within the estimated business days stated from each respective source country*

*Business day estimated delivery time between metro areas of major cities. Excludes any time in customs and delays due to reasons outside of Australia Post’s control. Specific delivery times will be available online at

Yes, you will be able to track your AU items from receipt at our overseas warehouse right up to delivery at your nominated Australian address.

Simply log in to your vPost account and navigate to ‘My Tracking’ to view the status of your packages.

If the status of your parcel is ‘Shipped out from source country’ you can click on the My Delivery link to be redirected to the Australia Post ‘My Deliveries’ tracking site.

Examples of tracking statuses you will see under ‘My Deliveries’ include:

  • arrived at facility in destination country
  • processed through Australia Post facility
  • with Australia Post for delivery
  • delivered

Please note that these tracking events may vary for some consignments.

To return items delivered via vPost, you will need to contact the overseas merchant directly, arrange your own postage and pay any associated freight costs.

Unfortunately, returns cannot be managed via vPost, nor can vPost assist you with this process.

Yes, parcels cannot exceed the following limits:

  • weight: 22kg
  • length: 1.05 m
  • dimension: 0.25 cubic metres

In the event that a parcel exceeds these limits, we will notify you and give you the option to either return the item(s) to the US merchant at your cost, or alternatively, pay AUD5.00 to have the item destroyed.

No US Customs declaration is required for orders below USD2,500.00.

For orders equaling or exceeding USD2,500.00, a Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED) form is needed to clear the parcel through US Customs.

You will be notified when you have an item that exceeds USD2,500.00 and will need to follow the steps below to submit your SED:

  1. Log in to vPost, click on ‘Action Required’ and view the status of your parcel
  2. If the status is ‘Wait for form’, click on the link ‘Download SED form’
  3. Print out the SED form and complete all the required details
  4. Sign the form
  5. Return the form to our Customer Contact Centre

We’ll forward the SED form on your behalf to US Customs, so you do not need to contact them directly. Our Customer Contact Centre will notify you if any further details are required to clear your parcel.

The Australian Government has passed laws which extend the Goods and Services Tax (GST) to low value imports of physical goods. From 1 July 2018, Australia Post will be required to collect GST from customers and pay that GST to the Australian Tax Office, on items valued at $1,000 AUD or less, that you ship into Australia using vPost Australia.

From 1 July 2018, each time you check out a vPost parcel and declare the value of the goods, you will be asked to provide payment for your vPost shipping and the applicable GST all in the same transaction.

The rate of GST is 10%.

GST will be payable on:

  • The value of the item(s) you are shipping into Australia via vPost including any shipping fees or local taxes paid to the USA retailer, and
  • The value of the vPost shipping and service fee (including vCare if applicable)
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If you have lost your vPost tracking number, log in to your vPost account and click on the ‘My packages”  tab to see if your consignment details are listed.

Please ensure that you quote your vPost Customer Number and VP ID. If your question hasn’t been answered, contact us for assistance.

You will receive a notification via email and sms when your parcel arrives at the vPost overseas warehouse.

You’ll also be able to view all of your received parcels by logging in to your vPost account and clicking ‘My Shopping’.

Please ensure that you have updated your email address and your mobile on your vPost profile and that your mailbox is not full.

If you do not wish to proceed with having an item shipped via vPost Australia, you can choose to:

  • return your parcel to the overseas merchant you purchased from
  • have your parcel forwarded to an alternative address
  • ask vPost to securely dispose of your item

If you choose to return your parcel to the overseas merchant or forward it to another address, you will be asked to supply the address and a contact phone number for that address and pay for the associated delivery costs.

You may use our self help entry for return and redirect of your parcel. Fees will apply when you checkout. 

Please note that parcels at our vPost overseas warehouse can only be returned to domestically within the source country address.

Goods that cannot be sent via vPost Australia include:

  • food or perishable goods
  • items requiring cold storage shipping
  • dangerous or prohibited items as determined by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service. These commonly include perfume, items containing lithium-ion batteries, ink cartridges and aerosols.

More information on dangerous and prohibited items is available on the Australia Post website.

If your item cannot be delivered for any of the above reasons, you will be notified that you have an ’Erroneous Package’ and provided with alternative delivery options.

If you receive an incorrect item or quantity of goods delivered through vPost, you should liaise directly with the overseas Merchant for any refund, return, exchange or money-back guarantee claim.

You should enter vPost Overseas address, as found in ‘My Addresses’ in your vPost AU account.

Your vPost address comprises your name, a suite number and a street address. You must include your vPost suite number in the shipping address, as this is how vPost identifies that the parcel belongs to you.

Some merchants will allow you to enter your name and suite number in the name field, while others may not accept numbers in that field. If this happens, simply enter your suite number in the 2nd or 3rd address line instead.

If a phone number is required, enter your own number.

For all lanes 7-13 working days from the date of payment.

Working days do not include Saturday, Sunday, both in Australia or product source country’s (Click here for various countries you can ship from, via vPost) and public holidays.

  • Public holidays
    Please be aware that public holidays, both in Australia or product source country’s (Click here for various countries you can ship from, via vPost), affects delivery dates.
  • Working Days
    Working days do not include Saturday, Sunday, both in Australia or product source country’s (Click here for various countries you can ship from, via vPost) and public holidays.
    Gentle reminder that the product source country’s warehouses are in a different time zone to you.

Click here for more detailed information, with regards to how long your package will take to arrive.

As per freight industry practice, the chargeable weight of a package is calculated based on Volumetric or Actual weight, whichever is higher.

Volumetric weight of a package is a calculation that reveals the density of a package and we use the below formula to derive the volumetric weight of a package

Volumetric weight = [ length(cm) x breadth(cm) x height(cm) ] / 5,000cm You can advise your merchant to ensure proper packaging or pack your purchase into a smallest possible box.

In addition, you can consolidate your shipping charges by paying multiple packages together. As such, only one single base charge is billed.

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No. We do not combine multiple packages as it may potentially hinder the claims process in the event your package is lost or damaged during transit.

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vPost will repack your package by minimising the height of the package, thus reducing the volumetric weight. The process of repacking will be placing the smaller package into one single box.

Example: Height of package being cut down


Please note that we are not able to remove or modify any part/content from its retail packaging when we repack.


– Removal of batteries from the retail packaging.

– Installation of batteries from the retail packaging.

This is to ensure not to have your original package contents being compromised

Here are some scenarios in which we will not repack:

  1. when the package contains leather products, e.g. handbags, purses, coats, etc.
  2. when the package contains restricted items, such as perfume, standalone batteries, fuels, etc.
  3. when the package is marked ‘FRAGILE’.
  4. when the package is obviously a gift, i.e. packed in a gift box, secured with ribbon and gift card, etc.

There are also packages which are specially packed to ensure breakable items are cushioned. As such packages would potentially be bulky, the difference between the actual weight and volumetric weight may be higher. We will take into account such instances and repack only when the safety of the package will not be compromised.

The decision to repack a package will be made at the discretion of vPost.

Repacking service for USA packages:

  1. Repacking option is available for all USA packages that meet the repacking criteria.
  2. Customer can choose to repack his packages (if eligible and ship them out via Standard Air and Economy mode as well.
  3. Repack request will be processed and updated within 2 days from date of request.
  4. Repacking fee: $6.00 per package.

When your package is in Singapore, it will be reflected as “Arrived in Singapore” in your vPost account, under “My Tracking” tab. You may also track your package status at this link here ( or at SpeedPost website ( using your package’s item number (e.g. VS0000XXXXXXX, XZ0000XXXXXXX).

Your item number can be easily located beside your Package ID under “My Tracking” tab.

Each time you send a new parcel through vPost you can either:

  • add a new address, or
  • select your preferred address from those used previously

You can add as many delivery addresses as you like, just be sure to select the correct delivery address each time you check out.

Once you have selected all the packages that you would like to check out and your preferred shipping mode, click on ‘Next’.

On the following page, there will be a voucher code field for you to enter the promotion/voucher code that you are eligible for.

Please note that only 1 voucher/promo code can be use per transaction.

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There is no maximum value limit imposed by vPost.

However, items valued over AUD1,000.00 may be subject to additional taxes and duties in Australia, while items valued over USD2,500.00 will be subject to an additional customs clearance procedure in the US. You will be notified in this instance and provided with a Shippers Export Declaration form to complete.

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Your source country address is only meant to be your shipping address, not your billing address, or an address for you to manage mail.

We will discard the letter immediately should we investigate that your packages fall under credit card application or any monetary activities using our source country warehouse (Click here for various countries you can ship from, via vPost).

When packages are delivered to our overseas vPost warehouse, they are often received in bulk.
This is the common practice for most of the big local couriers that are delivering to our warehouse.

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