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12 Things to Do on New Year’s Day to Get 2022 Started Off Right

After a whirlwind month of festive celebrations and feasting with family and friends, it is tempting to spend New Year’s Day horizontally on your couch in your favourite PJs. As the busy holiday season draws to a close, doing nothing might be exactly what you think you need.

The new year is an ideal time to kickstart something new or even clean out your closet or parts of the house if you haven’t had the chance to do so.

Whether you want to get active outside, reflect on 2021 and plan for a year ahead, or relax and stay cosy inside, here are 12 activities to help you start off 2022 on a good note.

You’ve got a whole new 365 days ahead of you, so feel free to pace yourself and start the year off slowly with enjoyable yet relaxed activities.

1. Treat yourself to brunch

Cooking at home

Begin the year surrounded by family, friends — and lots of carbs. Or eggs. And coffee. Your plan to eat healthier in 2022 can wait until after breakfast, right? Scrambled eggs or sunny side-ups are super simple to whip up and chock-full of brunch favorites: ham, spinach, eggs, and cheese!

If you’re looking for new and aesthetically pleasing cookware for the new year, check out Cutlery and More for their extensive range to suit your cooking needs.

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Not in the mood to cook and clean up the kitchen? Order food from one of your favourite local restaurants are open on New Year's Day, and enjoy it with family right in the comfort of your own home.

2. Go on a hike

If weather permits, take in some fresh air with a leisurely hike in a scenic spot. Whether you want to go on a full-on trail hike or just stroll through the city, going for a long walk somewhere scenic in your area is a nice way to clear your head.

If your 2022 resolutions revolve around health, fitness, or self-care, this is the perfect way to kick off the new year.

It’s also time to get some new active wear and workout shoes for your closet.

Columbia Sportswear



pRaNa Women | pRaNa Men

3. Take advantage of post holidays sales

If you didn't participate in Black Friday or Cyber Monday, or if you totally forgot to buy something, you can still indulge in a little post-holiday sales shopping.

With after-Christmas sales and New Year’s sales, waste no time depleting those holiday gift cards that you received! In case you missed it, here are some New Year’s sales that are lingering for your shopping pleasure.

Amazon US - Gaming Chairs 🕹️ - Ergonomic and comfortable chairs great for gaming and home office use.

Argos - From toys to tech, furniture to fitness equipment, you'll find a fantastic range of goods at Argos this year.

Best Buy - Count on this electronics giant for great savings. New deals daily at their lowest price for the season.

B&H Photo - Great tech at amazing prices 📲

Disney - From stationery to toys and apparels, if you're looking for a little more magic to round up the holiday season, you might just find some perfect discounts here. 🧸

GO Outdoors - Save over 50% on a massive range of outdoor clothing, footwear, backpack and other outdoor essentials.🥾

Habitat - Redecorate your living room or bedroom from a range of homeware lines and save up to 50%.

Jabra - Powerful wireless earbuds and headphones with fitness-first design. Discover audio equipment for your audio pleasure. 🎧

Walmart - Holiday Roomba Deals - Reduced Prices: Best robo vacuum deals for keeping your home spick and span 🧹

4. Start a bullet journal/ Outline your personal goals

Setting goals on January first might sound cliche, but it really can be a good opportunity to sit down and check in with yourself. You might have big plans for this year. Keep track of them in a bullet journal and feel a sense of satisfaction every time you cross something off your list.

Whether you want to take the typical approach of setting goals or you just want to write freely, this day is the perfect moment to get back in touch with yourself. If you need a prompt, write down five things you want to leave in 2021 and five things you want to take with you in 2022.

Check out Etsy for more New Year Planners and Journals.

5. Have a 'me' day

Pamper yourself! When was the last time you did something nice for yourself? Make the entire day about doing things that'll relax you and make you feel rejuvenated, whether that's doing a face mask and soaking in the tub, hanging out with friends, or watching a movie marathon.

For a refreshing start to the year, it is a good idea to make it a wellness day. If the spas are closed or booked up, plan a morning to evening regenerating day. Start with an easy-to-make smoothie followed by morning yoga.

Spend the afternoon cooking up a healthy late brunch, taking a long nature walk followed by soaking in a hot bath, then, exhale the past year away and inhale the year to come.

6. Clean out your closet

If you didn't ‘ KonMari’ your house before the holidays, you're probably sitting on stuff that need to be organized, sorted, cleaned or no longer spark joy.

If you've bought or received new clothing items over the holidays, it might be time to give your old ones a new home. Consider donating them to places like The Salvation Army or resell them for a little extra cash at places like REFASH or if you’re willing to put in a little more effort, Carousell.

And, while you're at it, you can go through your kids' clothes, too, and get rid of anything they've outgrown. Put items still in good condition on a site like ThredUP or Kidizen, and you can make space in your closet and get a little cash, too.

Closet Tip: You might have heard of this. Start each year with all the hangers in your closet facing a certain way. Each time you wear something, flip that hanger around. If you get to the end of the year and the hanger is still in its original position, it means you haven't worn it in a year and you can let it go!

6b. Organize your pantry

Start by removing everything, throwing out expired items as you go. Wipe down shelves and restock items by type and use (for example, put all your baking supplies in one spot for easy access). Don't use that blender or toaster much? To the top shelf it goes!

7. Refresh your social media

Update your social media accounts by editing your bios and taking down any photos you no longer want publicly seen. This refinement can actually be a good way to set your intentions for the year—describe both the person you are and who you strive to be. Most importantly, unfollow accounts that don't bring you joy and fill your feed with positivity.

8. Start a great book

If less screen time is a 2022 goal, the new year is the perfect time to start on a new book that you’ve been meaning to read. Curl up with one of our best books of all time or a new bestseller. If you need any suggestions, consider some of 2021's bestsellers, like The Girls I’ve Been by Tess Sharpe and You Love Me by Caroline Kepnes.

Check out Barnes & Noble for The New York Times' Bestsellers

BetterWorld Books

Amazon Best Sellers List

9. Start a 30-day challenge

Start the year on a strong note by starting a 30-day routine or challenge. January offers the chance to issue a corrective on the extra feasting and drinking you had in December.

Whether you plan on participating in Dry January (no alcohol for the month), Whole30 (cut out food that may harm your health for 30 days) or want to set another specific 30-day challenge like a fitness routine, start out the year strong with one of your goals already in the works.

If you have a mini-goal that you don't think is right for a year-long resolution, see if you can get it out of the way that first month.

If none of these challenges interest you, you may also consider signing up for a run. With the ongoing pandemic, many organisations are doing virtual races.

If you’re looking to give yourself a health boost in the new year, check out supplements and vitamins from Elite Supplements and Vitacost.

10. Go to the movies/ Stay-home movie or drama marathon

When all you want to do is chill and sit around, consider getting cosy on the couch or head to the theatre. Make a day of it with a full movie marathon and prioritize all the Oscar nominees you want to see before award show season is in full swing. If that doesn't suit your tastes, well, you can always watch something on Netflix, HBO Max or Disney+.

11. Play a "Get to Know You" Game

If you're stuck inside and looking for something new to do with your partner, housemates, or family, play a probing "get to know you" game. One popular card game that’s all in the craze now is ‘We’re Not Really Strangers’. This is a purpose driven card game and movement all about empowering meaningful connections. Three carefully crafted levels of questions and wildcards that allow you to deepen your existing relationships and create new ones.

Check out other games for the ultimate fun with your friends and family on Amazon.

Beat That! - The Bonkers Battle of Wacky Challenges Family Party Game for Kids & Adults

12. Volunteer

Spend the day volunteering or working with a cause you care about. Whether that means participating in a beach clean-up or researching causes and organizations you want to get involved with in the upcoming year.

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