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As UK completes its exit from the EU, items shipped from Europe into UK may now require payment of taxes and duties.
If you are shopping online in Europe and shipping to our UK warehouse, please note the following:
  • We are unable to accept any package delivered to our UK warehouse that requires the payment of tax upon delivery. There shall be no waiver or exceptional handling.
  • Our UK warehouse will not be responsible for any customs fees. Please ensure that these fees are paid prior to delivery, and do not select any “Pay on Delivery” option.
  • We are not liable for any packages that are held at UK Customs if the correct taxes has not been paid.

Shop from all over the UK and ship your purchases home easily with vPost.

Enjoy the extensive variety offered by the best UK merchants including shopping sites that do not accept international orders. Efficient and hassle-free, vPost has a streamlined process that lets you enjoy your new purchases as soon as possible!
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^ Working days do not include Saturday, Sunday, both in Malaysia or product source country’s (Click here for various countries you can ship from, via vPost) and public holidays.

Minimum chargeable weight for Air Freight is 0.5kg per box and an incremental weight break of 0.1kg thereafter.

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