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Shop from anywhere in the United States of America!

Shop from anywhere in the United States of America!

With vPost, you can now shop from USA merchants that do not accept international orders and get your new purchases delivered straight to you.
Offering the best way to get your purchases home, vPost has a streamlined process that is easy to follow and helps you ship your USA packages efficiently to Malaysia.
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Ship your USA Packages with vPost and enjoy these additional benefits:

Ship to 2 Different USA Addresses

We provide greater flexibility with an option to choose to send your packages to 2 different vPost warehouses. Should one address not be available for shipping, simply send your package to the other address. Your packages will still be shipped directly to you via your selected Malaysia delivery address at the same delivery standard and you will still be able to enjoy our bundling discounts!

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Less than 10 working days away

Get your limited-edition items and products exclusive to the USA with vPost. With all the USA products you could possibly want right at your fingertips and less than 10 working days from your door, it’s time to start shopping from the USA!

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