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Namaste! The International Yoga Day is Back!

Yoga - one of the Australian favorite exercises, which also makes us one of the biggest yoga communities in the world. About more than 50 years ago, yoga started trending in our country and eventually became a well-received exercise in our fitness industry.

In case you wonder what makes yoga so popular & special, here's why:

Yoga is an ancient practice that originated from India, focuses on physical poses, breathing & mind concentration. The word 'yoga' is derived from Sanskrit root 'yuj', which means to bind or to unite.

Essentially, the end goal is to unite your mind & body through the formation of poses & mind control, which improves your health holistically.

United Nation witnessed the power of yoga, and decided to proclaim 21st of June as International Yoga Day. This is to raise the awareness of yoga on international scale, as well as to encourage everyone to join in this healthy trend.

To celebrate this special occasion, we have put together a series of yoga related products from other yoga-centric countries for you to explore & to experiment. With the help of vPost Australia, you can forward these items from overseas to your doorstep at lowest cost & without hassles.

Fit & Stylish Sports Bra / Yoga Top

Well fitting sports bra is a must, while fashionable yoga top can be a lovely addition too. Let's see what are the great brands we've discovered for our beautiful yogis.

Gym Wear Movement - Liberate Bra Top

Produced by Singapore's local brand - Gym Wear Movement, this Liberate bra top comes with front zip which will be easier for the ladies to wear & remove.

The thick elastic band under the bust provides high level of support as well as ensuring a perfect fit.

Suitable for babes who need extra security while performing challenging yoga poses.

Photo: Gym Wear Movement

prAna - Narkanda Top

For ladies who prefer to have baggy / loose top for the sense of no restriction, you can consider this US brand - Narkanda Top by prAna.

It is lightweight, equipped with drawstring at bottom hem which you may tighten / loosen the waist section as you wish.

On another note, it is made with TENCEL material which has cooling effect; ensuring your outfit is cool and flowy - just like your yoga flow.

Photo: prAna

And of course, we don't have to always go for yoga tops / sports bra with fancy designs. Simple ones like:

Yoga Bralette by Yoq, Japan
Onzie Women's Tri-Blend Yoga Tank Top by, USA
Freedom Crossback Bra by Revved, Singapore
Stamina Cami - Midnight by Asquith, UK
Om Seamless Yoga Top by Yogamasti, UK

all can be great fit too - as all them were made by sustainable & cooling material; ensuring maximum performance throughout your practice.

Yoga Bottoms for Her

We can't emphasize enough the importance of yoga bottoms. With a pair of good pants, there will be no limit on the pants stretchability; all you need to focus is on your endurance & strength to stay in pose.

Kydra - Kyro Pocket Leggings

While there are many other legging brands in the market, you may want to give this pair of leggings a try.

Originated from Singapore, Kydra came up with their signature fabric known as Kyro where this pair of Kyro leggings are made to be soft, lightweight, stretchable, and breathable.

Definitely perfect for yoga as well as everyday wear.

Photo: Kydra - Spiritual Gangster Women's Love Sculpt Yoga Leggings

The American brand - Spiritual Gangster yoga leggings from, not only does its job as a good pair of flexible, cozy fitting pants but also works as a pair of stylish legging as well. Do give it a try if you love tie dye designs.


Attention to Male Yogis!

Break the stereotype & let's put our focus on male yogis as well! Just like women's yoga outfit, men's yoga outfits are equally important too. In this section we'll be sharing a few great male yoga outfit brands which can help to enhance the overall yoga experience.

prAna - Prospect Heights Tank

As usual, prAna produces a lot of amazing yoga outfits just like this men's yoga tank top: it is lightweight, soft to skin, made out from recycled material as well as 10% of TENCEL, ensuring your body stays cool throughout the practice.

Photo: prAna

Yogamasti - Yogi Practice Pants for Men

Yogamasti is one of the famous yoga brands in UK, focusing top quality yoga outfits just like this pair white baggy yoga pants for men.

You can tell the pants is good when it checks off these three main criteria: comfortable, stretchable & supportive. Highly recommended for any male yogis who have yet to own a good pair of yoga pants.

Photo: Yogamasti

Other Yoga Essentials

While we are paying most of our attentions onto yoga outfits, we certainly should not miss out other essential yoga equipment and accessories. These items play a huge role in helping yogis as they progress - from a beginner to an expert - in their respective yoga journeys.

As such, we have dedicated this section to share a few cool yoga equipment & accessories for everyone to browse through and refer.

Toesox - Half Toe Ballerina Botanic Grip

All yogis can definitely relate to the importance of grip as it impacts the ability to stay in the right form. For any yogis who have sweaty feet or struggling with foot grip, this pair of open toe socks with grips by Toesox from USA is here to rescue.

On top of providing grip support, it even comes with raised heel tab to protect Achilles tendon - so that you will no longer get blisters while walking in shoes with this pair of socks.

Photo: Toesox

Yogamatters - Yoga Brick

As we know in yoga practice, achieving proper form is the most crucial foundation as you would want to avoid injuries while you progress to the next challenging pose.

Right here, Yogamatters's yoga brick from UK serves the purpose where it helps yoga learner to stabilize the form by placing the block at whichever position that requires additional height / extension. It is lightweight & durable, which can be used multiple times without worries.

Photo: Yogamatters

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