Here Are Top 10 Things To Shop On US Amazon Prime Day
June 18, 2021
Shop And Ship The Most Popular US Brands To Australia
July 6, 2021
Here Are Top 10 Things To Shop On US Amazon Prime Day
June 18, 2021
Shop And Ship The Most Popular US Brands To Australia
July 6, 2021

Japan Summer Sales – Hot Items and Brands that you cannot miss!

While it’s cold & freezy in Australia from June till August, the Japanese are having opposite experience from us as they are going through 夏(natsu, summer in Japanese) in their country.

Similar to our summer, it is also a hot & humid season in Japan where you tend to see lots of people hanging out by the beach or even surfing to escape from the heat. The cool thing about Japan summer is they have a lot of major traditional celebrations during this season, such as the famous one known as Obon festival – a nationwide celebration to honor & commemorate the ancestors.

Apart from festivals, you will get to enjoy varieties of summer food while watching firework shows at different parts of Japan. And here comes the highlight – major shopping outlets will be having summer sales, where most of the products and essential items will be sold at discounted price.

As much as we hope for Covid-19 to vanish from this world, it is a sad truth that we can’t step into Japan now to enjoy all the summer events. However, thanks to digitalization & freight forwarder like vPost – we are still able to benefit from Japan Summer Sales despite the distance. So let’s take a look at the list of hot Japanese brands & products we have picked for you:

ASICS - GlideRide 2

Did you know? ASICS was originally known as Onitsuka Tiger - which was established since 1949. And today, ASICS is well known for high quality comfortable sneakers & sports shoes, such as this pair of men running shoes.

If you're worried about fitting, the website comes with 'Shoe Finder' feature where it helps you to identify the type of shoe + size that you should go for.

While this pair of shoes are selling at discounted price, ASICS Japan offers free local delivery for members as well. Therefore, grab this opportunity to save up more while purchasing a new pair of comfy shoes.

Uniqlo - Lourve Museum: Sweatshirt Hoodie

Uniqlo - the famous Japanese apparel brands which produces comfortable & affordable outfits - has collaborated with Paris Lourve Museum and came up with Lourve Museum series such as this sweatshirt hoodie.

Besides the fact that it is having discount, it is also a limited edition hoodie design which can only be found in Japan stores.

You may browse through Uniqlo Japan website to search for similar design outfits and promotions.

Muji - 2021 Calendar Diary Notebook

If you don't know about Muji - one of the largest retail chains in Japan, you are going to know them now.

Driven by the concept of minimalism, they have produced high quality, ecofriendly household & consumer products with no printed logo on them.

Taking this diary as example - it has the simplest cover design & the pages are made from wood-free paper, but serves perfectly well as a diary.

As some of you may know from local Muji stores that certain products are on slightly higher price range. So why not take this opportunity to grab on their promotional items as much as possible.

Matsukiyo - Strawberry Toothpaste Gums for Dog

Dog owners will probably understand the importance of looking after dog's oral hygiene, as well as the struggle of brushing the canine's teeth.

However, this famous Japanese drugstore brand - Matsukiyo - came up with a smart solution: strawberry flavored toothpaste gums for dogs.

Recommended by Japanese vets, these gums provide several health benefits such as immunity booster & plaque removal.

Matsukiyo are having summer sales on few other products as well. Do head over to Matsukyo's website for more deals.

vPost does not ship medicine & all class pharmaceutical products from Japan. For other restriction info, you may refer to our FAQ page.

Craftholic - Baby & Kid's Sleeping Bag

Craftholic - a series of characters that were designed by Ikuko Yamamoto & the brand was established since 2008.

This brand carries several home living & children products which were all designed based on the lovely characters.

While making sure the products are looking cute & attractive, they also emphasized on the material quality as well as practicality of the items.

Taking this cozy sleeping bag in Smiling Rab design as example - the material is soft, the pouch is spacious enough to fit in baby or young kid comfortably & it is foldable into a small pillow when it is not in use.

If you're looking for something cuddly & comfy, Craftholic will be able to meet your needs.

6%DOKIDOKI - Unicorn Scarf

Shoutout to Harajuku fashion style fans! This product recommendation is for you.

6%DOKIDOKI - a Japanese Harajuku fashion brand - is having great promotions and you certainly wouldn't want to miss it.

Their unicorn scarf is selling at 30% discount, so now you can look fun and cute in authentic Harajuku style at lower cost.

GU - Satin Pleated Dress

GU - another famous Japanese apparel brand - is having promotions as well.

Aims to be an ecofriendly company, most of their products are made from recycled material. Such as this satin pleated dress where recycled polyester is used.

Best of all, GU carries sizes from XS to 3XL which there will be more choices for the shoppers.

So, do checkout their products when you're shopping for new outfits.

Tokyu Department Store - Imabari Face Towel Set

Imabari is a city in Ehime prefecture, where it has been producing Japan's top quality towel for over 120 years.

Hence, it is priced higher than normal towels and usually hard to spot them in sales.

Fortunately with summer promotions, Tokyu Department Store has decided to offer the 10 pieces Imabari Face Towel as Fukubukuro (Lucky Bag) which allows customers to get them at a greatly discounted price.

You may also refer to here for some other Summer Lucky Bag offers.

LOFT - Aurora Vinyl Umbrella

You know it's summer when the weather is getting hotter and it keeps raining.

Which is why LOFT - another household good specialty store since 1996 - has made umbrella as the main focus of summer 2021.

One thing we can agree on is the Japanese's creativity when it comes to umbrella's design. Instead of boring monotone umbrella, they have launched this holographic vinyl umbrella - to make the rainy experience less gloomy.

Do check out some other sales items from LOFT if you are interested.

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