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Gear Up For The MCU With Your Favourite Marvel Superheroes Merchandise
September 20, 2021
It’s Time To Get Ready For Some Spooky Halloween Fun
September 27, 2021

4 Indoor Sporting Games and Activity Deals To Get During This Year’s TaoBao’s Golden Week

Every year during fall, TaoBao’s deal finders rouse themselves awake as the sale period kicks into high gear. Starting off with QiXi and stretching past 9.9 to culminate at TaoBao 11.11, the period from September to November is an exciting one with the most deals to be scored— and joyful be the one who has patiently pre-loaded his/her cart all year to mark this annual season.

Even before 11.11 arrives, the entire TaoBao universe lies in wait of The TaoBao Golden Week, which falls on 1- 7 October. It is the week of celebration for China’s National Day and marks the time when most offices close. Workers in the city either return to visit their hometown or go on much needed vacations. It is a week of celebration, relaxation and time for serious online shopping with ramped up deals happening across all TaoBao categories in alignment with the hearty atmosphere. And what better way to celebrate Golden Week than share your spoils with friends and family?

In spirit of the oncoming season, we highlight 4 such shareable indoor sporting games that you should add to cart to make great memories with the kinfolk. While vendors usually keep their promotions closely guarded until the week before Taobao Golden Week, below are the current deals the vendors are already providing based on the products’ original selling price. Some are going up to 25% off its ticker— and we are prepped to see them dip even more as October approaches.

Table Curling

First introduced in medieval Scotland, the game is a winter sport in which ice skaters slide stones across ice to hit a bulls-eye centre. Sounds easy? Not if you have balance speed with careful strength and accuracy to get the sliding stones smack into the red spot. Too little strength and you’ll miss the bullseye; too much and the stone will slide past it.

This is a less known sport that doesn’t bank on pure strength but requires muscle eye coordination and quite a fair bit of concentration. Try it for yourself with this indoor sport table version that can accommodate as many players as you like, has 100% good reviews and boasts return customers who rated it high for making awesome memories while purchasing more as gifts for their mates.

Curling Table & Stones, AUD$45 per Set.

Urban Outfitters Mini-Pong Table

If something portable and petite is what you are looking for, this smaller-than-life Urban Outfitters Mini-pong table set is as versatile as it is adorable. Equipped with netting, ping pong ball and bats, the mini-pong table is perfect indoor game for small rooms or a short staycation— enough to keep the brood busy for an hour or two. It is also perfect for lugging over to a friend’s or neighbour’s for older party games, although you may need to bring along some shot glasses with that.

Urban Outfitters Mini-Pong Table Tennis Set, AUD$55. Includes 2 Table Tennis Racquets, 1 Ping-Pong Ball, 1 Mini-Pong Table, Prongs and Net.

Dance Dance King Game Console + Mat

With the revival of 1990’s Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) in other forms following a viral test video on Douyin (china’s version of TikTok) and Mango TV, it is now a great time to invest in the same-styled wireless Dance Dance King Game Console and Dance Mat set. It also supports HDMI connectivity for sharper focus.

The indoor sporting game console is chock full of upbeat pop songs to get anyone moving, running or dancing. It has 99.99% positive user reviews with some posted after a few days of test runs. One reviewer remarked that it has become the highlight of family time. Generation DDR would fully appreciate the game similarities that they can now revisit and work up a sweat alongside their next generation.

This console stretches beyond the usual Wii for the amount of pre-loaded fun that comes within. It has 4 main categories including the highly raved cardio-inducing Dance, indoor fitness Yoga (25 selections), Games (125 selections) and interestingly too, Children’s Learning. Among the power packed range of 125 games include Whack-A-Mole, Tennis, Speed Jog (especially cardio inducing), Baseball, Snake (Nokia 8850, anyone?), Puzzle Bobble, Aircraft Wars and more.

This would be a great way for parents and children to bond over shared activity, and perhaps lessen everyone’s cell phone usage in the process while getting the cardio going.

Dance Dance King Game Console + Mat, AUD$69 Per Set. Includes Wireless Console, 30mm Thick Dance Mat and 2 Game Controllers.

Gladiator-Style Water Fighting Beaters & Boat

We laughed so hard at this we had to include it even though it’s neither exactly an indoor game nor truly family friendly. 1) You’ll need a pool and 2) You may need to break up fights along the way.

But this is GOLD if you’ve got a bunch of young (or young at heart), fit and fun-loving troops over for a pool party. Line two groups along the sides of the pool, send out a member per team on their inflatable banana boats, toss in the beaters, turn on the current (and music) to full blast, and let the fun begin!

Gladiator-Style Water Fighting Beaters & Boat, AUD$16 Per Set. Includes 2 Beaters, 2 Banana Boats and a Water-Current Unit.

If any of the above indoor sporting games tickled your fancy, head over to TaoBao now and preload those carts pronto as some of the items run out in colour rather quickly. Rumour has it that upon the clock chime at 12am every 1 October, those virtual cash registers in TaoBao are already ringing with pre-loaded carts being checked out; so this is one sale you definitely wouldn’t want to miss.

Happy Shopping!

Note: Prices are accurate at time of publication. All product images are taken from the links in which they are featured.

By Jessie Kok

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