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June 1, 2022
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Best Practical Gifts To Get For The Men In Your Life
June 1, 2022
7 Best Yoga Brands To Shop At This International Yoga Day 2022
June 19, 2022

8 Travel Must-Haves For Your Next Holiday Getaway

It has been over 2 years of missing out on spontaneous trips and relaxing vacations. We could all use a quick refresher when it comes to packing for our trip so we don’t forget those travel essentials..

No matter what your vacation plans entail, you’ll need to pack the right attire, luggage, accessories, and tech gadgets. Let’s get things started for you with our list of travel essentials that you don’t want to forget to pack on your next getaway.

Things You Need For Your Upcoming Holiday

Travel Backpack (Amazon US)


Keep everything you need at hand in one safe place with this backpack that’s perfectly compartmentalized to hold your laptop and other belongings. It even has a built-in USB port for you to recharge your devices while travelling!



Cable Travel Organizer (Amazon US)


Say goodbye to tangled cable mess with this cable organizer. Keep cables and cords in order when you’re not utilizing your gadgets and devices.


Packing Organizers For Luggage - 8 Set (Amazon US)


An easy way to keep your suitcase organized and free up for space for your travel essentials. This set comes with shoe sleeves so you can pack dirty shoes away from your clean clothes. 

Travel Pill Organizer - 10 Compartments (Amazon US)


It is important and always helpful to have medicine on hand when travelling. Pack your basic pill necessities for motion sickness, headaches, fever and flu in this compact pill box.

Travel Drawstring Laundry Bag - Expandable Design (Amazon US)


Avoid mingling your clean clothes with the dirty ones by storing the dirty laundry in this compact laundry bag. 

Leak Proof Travel Bottles - 9 Piece Set (Amazon US)


Instead of buying expensive travel-sized products for your skincare, a reusable silicone travel container is the best option for you bring along your favourite skincare products when you travel. 

Organic Silk Sleep Mask (Amazon US)


Block out all the lights from in-flight activities and achieve a good rest with this travel eye mask made from 100% hypoallergenic mulberry silk. 


Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones (Amazon US)


Tune out unnecessary noise from other passengers with this Bluetooth headphones with hi-res audio. 

Toiletry Bag With Hanging Hook (Amazon US)

From US$22.99

A convenient and easy to carry way of storing your toiletries all in a single bag.

Collapsible Water Bottle (Amazon US)


Minimise the use of bag space with a Collapsible Water Bottle in your travel packing list. When empty, it can be kept in a compact form but holds up a pretty good amount of water when it’s filled.  Stay hydrated when you’re up in the air to counter fatigue and jet lag!

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