From 25 July 2022, we will be imposing a Fuel Surcharge on all shipments to Malaysia, in response to an unprecedented increase in fuel prices.

The following Fuel Surcharge will be added to your total vPost shipping charges upon checkout:

Last updated: 22 July 2022

Effective Date All Source Countries
25 July 2022 US$0.50/ 500g

The surcharges will be reflected accordingly base on the effective date when you checkout for your vPost shipment. They may be adjusted periodically. The change of charges is done under vPost's Terms and Conditions of use.

Since the pandemic disturbance to global supply chains in 2020 and the current disruption of air cargo from the ripple of the war situation, international shipping costs have increased multiple folds, and this may continue for the foreseeable future.

You may have noticed that we maintained our rates from the start of the pandemic and have only made minor adjustments towards the end of year 2021 for some lanes.

The introduction of fuel surcharges will ensure you can still enjoy globe shopping without globe hopping - buying heavily discounted goods, or getting the latest releases or 1st editions, from overseas. We will strive to bring you new features and further improvement to serve you better.

1When will the Fuel Surcharge take place?
The following fuel surcharges* will apply for vPost shipments checked out from 25th July 2022, 0000H (Malaysia Time)
2Why impose the Fuel Surcharge?
Changes in fuel prices result in unprecedented fuel prices, which has led to higher shipping costs.
3How much will the Fuel Surcharge be?
The respective Fuel Surcharges will be at USD 0.50/500gm for all countries and will be reflected accordingly on the vPost checkout page.
* The fuel surcharges will be reviewed regularly and adjusted from time to time.