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Top FAQs On vPost Services To Help You Save On Shipping Costs

Packaging makes a difference to what you pay for shipping. Not to worry, though! vPost's value added services can help you save on your shipping costs.
We answer all your top questions related to vPost shipping services here.

How does vPost handle my packages for cost savings?

vPost helps you to save cost by reducing the volumetric weight of the parcel if there is a more than 2kg difference between the actual weight and volumetric weight.

Q: What is volumetric weight?

A: Volumetric weight is the ‘volume’ a package occupies (example; the physical size of a package)

Q: What is actual weight?

A: Actual physical weight of a package is its actual weight measured in kilograms.

In international shipping, how much space a package occupies (volumetric weight) in a cargo hold is as important as how much it weights (actual weight). Large packages, even if they are light, take up more space in an aircraft. This is why shipping companies take the volumetric weight into consideration.

If the volumetric weight exceeds the actual weight, you will be charged the volumetric weight.

Calculating Volumetric Weight

Please note that we will not remove or modify any part/content from its original retail packaging.

This service is based on vPost's discretion when there is a more than 2kg difference between the actual and volumetric weight.

1. By trimming the existing box. We will minimise the package's height and cut down boxes to achieve a lower volumetric weight.

2. If your purchases are deemed non-fragile, we will also remove any unnecessary bubble packs or styrofoam to reduce size.


– Removal of batteries from the retail packaging.

– Installation of batteries from the retail packaging.

This is to ensure that your original package contents are not compromised.

Which countries provide this value-added services??

The service is available for all vPost countries in US, UK, Singapore, Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan and Malaysia. However, they are done at vPost's discretion and not available upon request.

Criteria: Package has more than 2kg difference between the actual weight and volumetric weight

Packages will be automatically consolidated by us unless it compromises on the safety of the packages.

What happens if I have more than one package to ship?

vPost only offers aggregate service, which means you are allowed to pay one base charge per invoice instead of one base charge per package. To utilize this feature, simply withhold payment till all the packages you want to pay for together are available to check out. Please note that a holding fee will be applicable for packages that are held for more than 30 days.

In which scenario would the 2KG difference between actual and volumetric weight not be applicable?

Here are some scenarios:

There are also packages which are specially packed to ensure breakable items are cushioned.

As such packages would potentially be bulky, the difference between the actual weight and volumetric weight may be higher. We will take into account such instances and consolidate only when the safety of the package will not be compromised.

The decision to consolidate a package will be made at the discretion of vPost.

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