What goods can’t be sent to Australia using vPost?

What if the merchant delivered the wrong items or quantity to me?
June 25, 2019
What are my options if I do not wish to proceed with shipping my parcel via vPost to Australia?
June 25, 2019

What goods can’t be sent to Australia using vPost?

Goods that cannot be sent via vPost Australia include:

  • food or perishable goods
  • items requiring cold storage shipping
  • dangerous or prohibited items as determined by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service. These commonly include perfume, items containing lithium-ion batteries, ink cartridges and aerosols.

More information on dangerous and prohibited items is available on the Australia Post website.

If your item cannot be delivered for any of the above reasons, you will be notified that you have an ’Erroneous Package’ and provided with alternative delivery options.

You may refer to the full list here

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