Payment and Processing

  1. Select the packages to make payment for (based on selected Country)
  2. Select vCare option (ON/OFF)
  3. Select preferred shipping mode & click “Proceed to Shipping”.

Package Name: Select all packages from 1 same Source Country to enjoy Bundling Discount (SG customers only)

  • You can view available shipping modes for each package & make selection on the right.
  • Option for vCare is also available when making the payment.
Upon clicking Proceed to Shipping, the final Billing Summary is displayed on the right, and you are ready to proceed, click on ‘Shipping & Payment’.
Tip: Package details overview & charges breakdown can be toggled by clicking on the dropdown arrow icon.

Invoice Preview & charges breakdown of each package is viewable by clicking on the arrow button. To pay, click on ‘Shipping & Payment’.

Upon clicking ‘Shipping & Payment’, you will be brought to the Checkout page, whereby you will need to choose Payment method (VISA/Master/PayPal), Delivery address, and confirm the payment by clicking “Confirm & Pay”.

Shipping Address: Choose a saved delivery address, enter a new address.

Payment Method: Choose a payment method: Saved card detail, enter new card detail, or use PayPal for method of payment.

Promo Code: Enter Promo Code & click “Apply”, if any. If it’s store credit, it would be auto deducted when you make the payment.

Upon clicking ‘Confirm & Pay, you will be presented with a confirmation screen indicating that payment was successful. There is also a download Invoice link available at this step. You will also receive automated email for payment confirmation.
vPost Payment Confirmation Screen
vPost Payment Confirmation Email to Customer