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November 5, 2018
How Long Will It Take My Packages To Reach Me?
November 5, 2018

Commonly Prohibited Overseas Items

In one of our previous blog posts we highlighted why is vPost your favourite shipping forwarder with our cost effective pricing via Economy Shipping and Bundling Discounts but also the ease of 24/7 Parcel Collection through Popstation.

However, while our team is always hard at work in ensuring your overseas purchases reach you, there are some items that can’t be shipped due to import/export regulations. Let us fill you in on what items you need to leave out of your shopping cart.

Listed below are some common ones:

For the full list, visit our Restricted Products Page.

It seems like quite a list, but fret not. There is still a huge range of items that you can shop and ship! Stay updated with us – we will continue to feature items that are safe to leave in your cart when you checkout.