The list below serve as a guide on products that vPost does not ship. Please note it is not exhaustive and only includes some of the most common items.

  • All kinds of Alcohol-based / Flammable products (e.g. perfumes, cologne, toners, sanitizers etc)
  • Disposable/Reusable surgical mask
  • Any type standalone/external batteries, spare/loose, including lithium metal or lithium ion cells or batteries (e.g. power banks, powered electronic devices, etc)
  • Items that are not labeled in English (dietary supplements/ Cosmetics/ Food)
  • Any food, supplement, drug or cosmetic that has been issued a Consumer Safety Advisory Warning by Authority (HSA or etc)
  • Any unidentifiable material, substance or chemical
  • Intoxicating liquors
  • Cigarettes, tobacco, narcotics products
  • Motor vehicles
  • Petroleum products
  • Animals, seeds / live plants and their parts
  • Meat or animal extracts, beef extract
  • Buddha image, artifact objects and antique
  • Charcoal
  • Chemicals and drugs
  • Communication Radio Devices and telecommunications equipment
  • Counterfeit trademark goods and IPR infringing goods
  • Paper currency, coins and bills, credit cards, cheques and stamps (item(s) would be discarded at Origin)
  • Dangerous goods classified by Thailand local regulation or IATA Dangerous Regulations including any materials with dry ice
  • Electronic cigarettes (e.g. e-cigars, e-pipes, other personal vaporizers, etc)
  • Items restricted by the Washington Treaty (e.g ivory, turtle shells, ostrich, leather products, etc.)
  • Items that contains aloe, squalene, sharks’ extract or coral (e.g. certain types of cosmetics or lip balm)
  • Items that require temperature control
  • Laser apparatus such as laser pointers that are found to have emission powers
  • Disabling devices (e.g. mace, pepper spray, etc) containing an irritant or incapacitating substance
  • Electronic device which contains battery purchased from ebay / individual seller (Used items shipped without manufacturer’s packaging do not comply and are illegal to ship)
  • Squalane (not 100% plant based)
  • Perishable foods (e.g. cheese, yoghurt, eggs)
  • Processed foods more than 5kg and above SGD100 (food products that are not classified as meat, seafood or fresh fruits and vegetables)
  • Precious stones and metal
  • Pornographic materials
  • Reserved animals or CITES-listed wildlife
  • Vehicle parts
  • Weapons such as bullets, explosives, swords, knives, guns and the equivalents to guns, electroshock weapons (e.g. tasers)
  • Wireless earbuds charging case contains standalone lithium-based battery and acts like a portable charger. This is prohibited from air transportation.

This list may be updated from time to time. Please contact us if you require any further assistance.

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