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1From which countries will the repacking service be offered?
The repacking service is available for packages from USA, Japan and China.

For USA packages, repack option will be available to customer if the difference between the actual weight and volumetric weight exceeds 2KG.

For China and Japan packages, we will repack your package if the difference between the actual weight and volumetric weight exceeds 2KG.

Repacking service is not available for Europe packages as they are charged based on their actual weight.
2What happens if my USA order exceeds USD$2500 in value?
A Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED) form is needed whenever your package’s value is above USD $2,500. This form is needed by the US Customs Authority. Please refer to vPost Terms and Conditions clause 10 for a sample of the SED form. Once the form is filled and duly signed, we will forward it to our USA forwarder for processing.
3My package has arrived at the source warehouse but why is it still not reflected under my account?
Please kindly allow up to 2 working days for our team to process your package upon its arrival at our warehouse facility.

Alternatively, you may also use our “Find My Package” function located on your Dashboard to locate your package as it could have been processed by our warehouse but it was without a valid vPost account number thus it could not be assigned to your vPost account.
4I have selected “Auto-declaration” in my profile, why am I still required to declare my package(s)?

The reason will be due to your packages not having a merchant invoice in them. As such, we will require you to input the dollar value of your purchases for customs declaration purposes.

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. On your Dashboard, click on the country that you wish to be directed to.
  3. At the ‘Action Required’ tab, click on the ‘Declare’ button.
  4. Enter the dollar value of your package and submit your declaration.

As the purchase was made by you, we trust that you will be able to provide an accurate input. Please note that we will need an accurate dollar value of the package for a smooth customs clearance. As such, you will need to input the actual value of the package regardless of whether it is a free gift from the merchant or as a gift for your loved ones and friends.

5Can I store my package(s) at your warehouse for a few months? Are there any applicable charges?

vPost provides free storage of 30 days from the date package is processed without any charge for your consolidation of shipping payment. However, when packages are held for more than 30 days from processed date, we will charge a holding fee of S$1.50 per package per day.

vPost also reserves the right to dispose any package which has been held for more than 60 days from the processed/declared date.

6What is Auto-declaration?
If you have selected ‘Yes’ for Auto-Declaration in your profile, we will help you to declare your packages when they arrive at our warehouse.

However, if you prefer to declare the packages on your own, please ensure you select ‘No’ for Auto-Declaration.
7How can I declare packages on my own?
On the declaration page, select the product categories that match your purchased item(s) for the package.

If none of the categories available match your item(s), you may select ‘Others’ and input your product description.

Please take note to select the correct currency of your declared value and input the value of the package.

Click on ‘Submit’ once you are done.
8Will my package be opened by the warehouse team if I did not select “Auto-Declaration” in my account?
Yes, regardless of your declaration profile, all packages will be opened by our warehouse team to check for any prohibited/dangerous items in the package.

This applies to all packages arriving at our 4 warehouses.
9Can I change my declaration?
Declaration can be changed anytime when your package has arrived at our warehouse and before payment is made. Do note that once package has been paid for, you will not be able to change your declaration.

We will not be liable for any losses incurred by customers due to wrong declarations of the package(s).
10What if my item was a free gift from my merchant or I have redeemed the item via my loyalty points, what is the correct amount for me to declare?
All goods, including Free of Charge (FOC) items or replacement goods, imported into Singapore are subjected to Goods & Services Tax (GST). For items without any value indicated in the invoices, you have to obtain the commercial value of the items from the supplier/merchant. The declared value at the time of import should be based on:

  1. The transaction value of identical or similar goods from the same country of origin that is exported at about the same time, or
  2. The original price payable for the goods as if they are sold for export to Singapore

For more information, please refer to Singapore Customs’ website or their circular on valuation of goods declared for GST purposes.
11Will you repack every package that has more than 2kg difference between the actual weight and volumetric weight?
Here are some scenarios in which we will not repack:

  1. when the package contains leather products, e.g. handbags, purses, coats, etc.
  2. when the package contains restricted items, such as perfume, standalone batteries, fuels, etc.
  3. when the package is marked ‘FRAGILE’.
  4. when the package is obviously a gift, i.e. packed in a gift box, secured with ribbon and gift card, etc.
There are also packages which are specially packed to ensure breakable items are cushioned. As such packages would potentially be bulky, the difference between the actual weight and volumetric weight may be higher. We will take into account such instances and repack only when the safety of the package will not be compromised.

The decision to repack a package will be made at the discretion of vPost.

Repacking service for USA packages:

  1. 1. Repacking option is available for all USA packages that meet the repacking criteria.
  2. 2. Customer can choose to repack his packages (if eligible and ship them out via Standard Air and Economy mode as well.
  3. 3. Repack request will be processed and updated within 2 days from date of request.
  4. 4. Repacking fee: $6.00 per package.
12If I have more than one package, will you repack all my packages into one?
No. We do not combine multiple packages as it may potentially hinder the claims process in the event your package is lost or damaged during transit.
13Can I choose not to repack my packages?
Repacking is an option for vPost USA packages only.

For vPost China and vPost Japan, package that meets our repack criteria will be repacked by us unless it compromises on the safety of your package or does not meet our repacking requirements.

For packages that arrived in our warehouse without any vPost account number, we will repack them if they meet our repack criteria as well.

Do rest assured that you will enjoy savings on your package even after taking into account the repacking fee.
14How will vPost do the repacking?

vPost will repack your package by minimising the height of the package, thus reducing the volumetric weight. The process of repacking will be placing the smaller package into one single box.

Example: Height of package being cut down


Please note that we are not able to remove or modify any part/content from its retail packaging when we repack.

Example: Example:

- Removal of batteries from the retail packaging.

- Installation of batteries from the retail packaging.

This is to ensure not to have your original package contents being compromised

For detailed information on how repacking works, check out our blog post for more information.

15Should I repack my USA package if I plan to ship via Economy Shipping mode?
If you are shipping your USA packages via Economy Shipping, you need not repack your package since we will only be charging based on the actual weight of your package. Repacking will reduce only the volumetric weight and will have no cost savings if shipping via Economy mode.
16Why is there a need to provide 2 tracking numbers when enquiring about my package?
There are Merchants that use FedEx Smartpost or UPS SurePost to send packages to vPost USA Warehouse. Such services come with two tracking numbers.

In the event wherein physical package label become spoil due to unforseen event, warehouse will not be able to track the package using only one tracking number. Providing both tracking numbers will make it easier to track the package.

The two tracking numbers can be found at the upper left and lower right sides. See image below as guide.

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