1What is vCare?
vCare is an optional, performance warranty by SingPost to afford vPost members the added assurance that their packages will be protected against loss or damage during transportation (with certain exclusions). While we handle all packages with great care, loss or damage may occur due to unexpected events and accidents outside of our control. In the case of an incident, SingPost’s liability as a shipper is capped at the full amount of shipping charges paid by you plus 50% of the declared value of the item for which a justified claim is made.

With vCare, however, you will be covered (subject to limited exceptions) for the full amount of shipping charges paid plus 100% of the declared value of the item for which a justified claim is made, subject to a maximum cap of SGD $20,000 for all items shipped pursuant to a single consignment note. For more details, please click here

Please note that vCare is not an insurance product and SingPost is not a licensed insurer.
2Who may purchase vCare?
vCare is only available to registered vPost members. To purchase vCare coverage for your packages, simply check the “vCare” box when selecting the packages that you wish to check out.
3How much do I have to pay for vCare coverage?
vCare charges will be 3% of the declared package value, subject to a minimum charge of SGD $9.90 for each consignment note. Declared item value shall include, but is not limited to, cost of the item, local shipping charges to vPost’s overseas shipping facilities and any other applicable charges paid. Limits of liability in relation to each consignment note to which vCare applies will be SGD $20,000. For more details, please click here
4How do I file for Claims after purchasing vCare, in the event that I need to?
An enquiry should be raised via our Customer Service. Please call +65 6841 2000 or leave us a message. When submitting the claim, all relevant documents must be enclosed, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Content merchant invoice or purchase receipts of the article covered by vCare;
  2. Photos of the external packaging and the damaged content to facilitate our investigation;
  3. All correspondence exchanged with any third party responsible or potentially

responsible for the loss or damage of the article. Please refer to vCare Terms and Conditions for procedure of claims.
5Can I purchase insurance for my package via vPost?
We do not provide or sell insurance. We offer instead, the vCare package which gives you the added guarantee that your package will be properly shipped to you in good condition. For more details, please click here.
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