The list below serve as a guide on products that vPost does not ship. Please note it is not exhaustive and only includes some of the most common items.

  • Import and export of illicit drugs (e.g. morphine, heroine, candu, marijuana, etc) are strictly prohibited
  • Prescribed drugs can only be imported into or exported from the country by virtue of a license issued by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia
  • Fertilizer
  • Perishable items, vegetables, fresh, chilled or frozen items (e.g. cheese, meats, fruits, yogurt, etc)
  • Turtle eggs
  • Paper currency, coins and bills, credit cards, cheques,Gold jewelry and stamps (item(s)
  • Rattan from Peninsula of Malaysia
  • Any animal or bird, other than a domestic animal or domestic fowl, whether alive or dead or any part thereof
  • Live animals from bovine species
  • Poultry
  • Meat of bovine animals
  • Cockles
  • Plants including orchids
  • Vegetables, fresh, chilled or frozen
  • Palm kernels and palm seeds
  • Military clothing and equipment
  • Arms and ammunition
  • Antiquities as defined or stated in any written law in Malaysia
  • Sugar and rice
  • Coral, alive or dead
  • Live prawns, shrimps, fish
  • Collections of zoological, botanical, mineralogical, anatomical, historical, archaeological or ethnographical with numismatic interest

This list may be updated from time to time. Please contact us if you require any further assistance.

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