Items that are considered dangerous, prohibited or restricted cannot be imported into Singapore using vPost. Customs Authorities in both countries employ strict measures to monitor each and every item processed. The list below is not a comprehensive list but a list of common items that you cannot send using vPost.

We reserved the rights to advise you that the products are not accepted for import while the list did not specifically indicate the limitations.
Where appropriate, contact you to discuss and agree on an appropriate action to take; (b) use reasonable efforts to return the item to merchant at your cost; or (c) dispose the item in any manner we deem fit without being liable to you.

While shipping food/snacks products, do ensure the expiry timeline expected during the transit from Source Origin to Local Delivery. We are not liable for any expiry of any perishable goods items that have a short shelve lead time.

The list below serve as a guide on products that vPost does not ship. Please note it is not exhaustive and only includes some of the most common items.

  • Bringing in more than 3 months' supply of all supplements are subject to Customs/HSA/SFA Regulations & Clearance. Please visit for more information here
    • Explosives
      Including all kinds of weapons and ammunition, fireworks, firecrackers, flares, etc.
    • Gases
      Such as, butane, propane, oxygen, cylinders, tear gases, mosquito repellent, aqualung cylinders, hair spray and aerosols, etc.
    • Fertiliser
      Such as, Chemical fertiliser, Mined fertiliser, Organic fertiliser
    • Flammable Liquids
      Such as, all forms of fuel (for instance, wood, coal, and oil), paints, diluents, resins, adhesives, perfume, cosmetics lotion etc.
    • Flammable solids; substances liable to spontaneous combustion; substances which, in contact with water, emit flammable gases.
      Such as, matches, lighters, etc.
    • Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides
      Such as, bleaches (liquid/powder), medical oxygen, peroxide, etc.
    • Toxic and infectious substances
      Such as, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, bacteria and virus cultures, etc.
    • Radioactive material
      Such as, Yttrium-90, Indium-111, Iodine-123 and radioactive waste, etc.
    • Corrosives
      Such as, acids, alkalis, mercury, charged accumulators, wet cells, etc.
    • Miscellaneous dangerous goods
      Such as, magnetic materials and knives, swords, sticks, arrows, standalone lithium battery, all electronics with/built-in battery, etc.
    • Super Capacitors or Capacitors
      Example: UN3508, with energy storage capacity greater than 0.3Wh unable to ship via Air Freight
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