Shipping with vPost

1How long will my packages take to arrive?

Depending on your selection of the shipping modes available for USA packages, the transit time will differ as per below:

  • Economy – within 9 to 12 working days from the date of payment.
  • Standard – within 4 to 6 working days from the date of payment.
  • Sea – within 35 to 60 working days from Sail date

For Europe, Japan & China packages, the transit time of your packages will be 4 to 8 working days from the date of payment.

Working days do not include Saturday, Sunday, both in Singapore or product source country’s (USA, Europe, Japan & China) and public holidays.
2What are the factors to take note for delivery timeline?
  • Public holidays
    Please be aware that public holidays, both in Singapore or product source country’s (USA, Europe, Japan & China), affects delivery dates.
  • Working Days
    Working days do not include Saturday, Sunday, both in Singapore or product source country’s (USA, Europe, Japan & China) and public holidays.
    Gentle reminder that the product source country’s warehouses are in a different time zone to you.

  • Click here for more detailed information, with regards to how long your package will take to arrive.
    3How will I know that my package has arrived at our overseas warehouse?
    An email notification will be send to your registered email once your package has been processed at vPost’s overseas warehouse. Do check your ‘Junk’ folder in case the notification email has been filtered from your main inbox.

    Once you are logged in to your vPost account, your dashboard will show you total number of packages that require your actions and total number of packages which are pending for payment. The breakdown of your packages is also shown below, according to each of the source countries. You may click on the source country to access the information of your packages in that specific source warehouse.

    In the event that your merchant has updated your package as delivered but it has yet to appear in your account after 2 working days, please contact us and provide us with more details on your package (e.g. merchant invoice with tracking number, merchant name, etc.), to help us locate your items.
    4 If I do not wish to use vPost service after my package has arrived, what are the applicable charges to redirect/return the package?
    For all redirections (including return to merchants) requests, there will be an administrative fee payable.

    For redirection via vPost, amount payable will be SGD $6.50 (admin fee) plus the local postage fee to redirect package to customer’s requested local address.

    For redirection via a third party courier, amount payable will be SGD $10.00 (admin fee). Customers will need to pay for any other costs incurred directly to the courier company appointed by them.

    For return to merchants with a valid prepaid return label, amount payable will be SGD $6.50 only. If your merchant did not provide a prepaid return label, then the cost to return your package to merchant’s address will be payable by customer.
    5How do I know whether my items are subject to Singapore Customs duty?
    You can refer to Customs website at for any updates and information on dutiable and prohibited items. Any dutiable items imported into Singapore are subject to Customs duty and/or Excise duty in accordance with the Schedule to the Singapore Customs Duties Order.
    6How long is the free storage period if my package is shipping via Sea freight?
    Package shipping via Sea freight has 45 days of free storage. vPost charges SGD $1.50 per package per day after the free storage period expires.
    7 How much does it cost to ship my USA package via Sea freight?
    There is a base charge of $39.90 for every single package you ship and a charge of $3.90 per KG, based on actual or volumetric weight, whichever is higher. There is no bundling discount for this option. This service is only available for packages with a chargeable weight of 10KG and above.

    With effect from 1st July 2016, (date inclusive) GST shall apply for all packages paid and shipped using Sea freight into Singapore. There is no GST relief for packages shipped using Sea freight.
    8What is Sea freight shipping mode?
    Sea freight shipping option is a value added service provided by vPost to allow our customers to bring in items like furniture, mattresses or bulky items like barbeque pit etc. to Singapore without paying high air freight rates. However, do expect a longer delivery time of the items as the entire journey takes about 35 to 60 working days from the date the ship set sail.
    9Is Economy shipping mode available for all of the source countries (Europe/China/Japan)?
    Currently, Economy Shipping is only available for USA packages.
    10What is the difference between Economy and Standard shipping modes for USA packages?
    For Economy shipping mode, you will be charged based on the actual weight rather than volumetric weight of your package. However, do note that there will be a longer transit time for your packages to arrive.
    11What if the merchant delivered the wrong items or quantity to me?
    As vPost only provides the means for you to ship your packages to Singapore, you will have to liaise directly with your merchant for any refund, return, exchange or money-back guarantee policy and/or claims procedure of any such items.
    12What are the current vPost shipping services?
    Below are the shipping services offered by vPost currently:

    • vPost USA
    • vPost JAPAN
    • vPost EUROPE
    • vPost CHINA
    vPost provides you with a personalized delivery address located in the 4 source countries overseas, allowing you to shop globally from international merchants.

    Your purchases that are delivered to these personalized delivery addresses will then be shipped to Singapore and delivered to the Singapore address you indicated when you made the payment.
    13How do I use vPost Shipping Services?
    To use vPost service, you must first be our member. Membership is free and you can Sign Up over here if you are currently not a member:

    For vPost members, you can follow the steps displayed here to start shopping from overseas retailers/merchants.
    14What are the benefits of using vPost Shipping Services?
    The benefits of using vPost Shipping Services include, being able to:

    1. Purchase items that are available overseas but not in Singapore.
    2. Purchase items from overseas merchants that do not ship to Singapore.
    3. Purchase items available in Singapore from relatively cheaper overseas sources.
    4. Save shipping costs by paying one base charge per bill instead of one base charge per package when you use vPost Shipping Services that offer the Shipment consolidation feature.
    15What should I enter as my shipping and billing address on merchants’ websites?
    You should enter your personalized vPost address, specific to the country which you are shipping in, as your shipping address.

    • These personalized addresses comprise of your name, VP number and the overseas address vPost uses to process your packages and are displayed in your vPost account.
    You should enter your Singapore address as your billing address.

    However, you can also enter your personalized vPost address at merchants’ sites which do not allow you to enter Singapore addresses as a billing address. Please note that by doing so, you may not receive the hard copy invoice should the merchant send it via mail.
    16Does vPost provide guarantee on product authenticity?
    vPost does not guarantee the authenticity, genuineness or quality of the item. For your own safety, please purchase items from reputable merchants and sites.
    17Any tips on how a package should be packed?
    We do not advise shipping of Fragile or Special Care items.

    However, if you need to, please ensure proper packaging by your Sender. Please inform your sender to pack it well in shipping condition to ensure that the items are sufficiently insulated during the shipping process.

    We do not take responsibility for any damages that may occur during the entire handling, shipping and delivery from our overseas shipping facilities to your Singapore address.
    18What are the minimum and maximum package size that I can ship using vPost Services?
    There is no minimum size for packages that you can ship via vPost. However, each package minimum chargeable weight will be 0.5KG.

    For the maximum size allowance, please kindly refer to the respective sections below:

    • vPost USA
      Maximum Actual Weight: 100KG
      Maximum Length / Width / Height: 150 cm
      Eg: If the length or width or height is more than 150cm, it is considered oversize.
      Packages that exceed the maximum length measurement cannot be shipped

    • vPost EUROPE
      Maximum Actual weight: 30KG
      Maximum Length x Width x Height: 90 x 90 x 90 cm
      Packages that exceed the maximum length measurement cannot be shipped.

    • vPost JAPAN
      Maximum Actual Weight: 30KG
      Maximum Length / Width / Height: 150 cm
      Eg: If the length or width or height is more than 150cm, it is considered oversize.
      Packages that exceed the maximum length measurement cannot be shipped.

    • vPost CHINA
      Maximum Actual Weight: 30KG
      Maximum Length / Width / Height: 150 cm
      Eg: If the length or width or height is more than 150cm, it is considered oversize.
      Packages that exceed the maximum length measurement cannot be shipped

    An additional delivery surcharge might be imposed if we are able to assist with the delivery of such oversized packages. If your package requires special handling, there might be an additional surcharge, which would be determined on a case by case basis.

    19POPStation (Pick Own Parcel Station) allows our customers to have the added flexibility of picking up their packages at a time and location that is convenient to them.
    Most items can be covered by vCare but some exclusion still applies. For more information, please kindly click here for our vCare Terms and Conditions.
    20Can I use the source country address(USA, Europe, Japan and China) other than a shipping address?
    Your source country address is only meant to be your shipping address, not your billing address, or an address for you to manage mail.
    We will discard the letter immediately should we investigate that your packages fall under credit card application or any monetary activities using our source country warehouse.
    21How does packages arrive at USA warehouse?
    When packages are delivered to our overseas vPost warehouse, they are often received in bulk.
    This is the common practice for most of the big local couriers that are delivering to our warehouse.
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