Redirect Package (Self Help)

Redirection is our new feature along with Returns Process. We understand that not all merchants will be able to provide prepaid labels and the idea of changing your mind and you wish to ship back to your merchants or other local address.

Redirection fee would include the postage fee of a handling fee. The fees vary from different source countries.

The cost of the redirection fee:

Here are the redirection fees for all source countries.

USA - S$38.00
UK - S$25.00
JAPAN - S$25.00
CHINA - S$8.50
MALAYSIA - S$10.00
THAILAND - S$13.00
TAIWAN - S$11.50

Self-Help: Redirect applies to Domestic Redirection only.

Package remarks can be toggled by clicking on the dropdown arrow icon.

Step 1: Select your package that you wish to redirect by clicking on Redirect Icon
Step 2: You will need to enter new address for package to be redirected to, within source country (domestic address only). You will need to select Payment Mode (VISA/Master/PayPal) and click “Pay & Process Redirect”, to pay a fixed fee.

Redirect Address: Enter the domestic address that you wish to redirect the package to. (Example: If you wish to redirect your Japan package which is in vPost Japan address to another Japan address of choice, you need to enter the new Japan address here.)

Payment Method: Enter credit/debit card details. (We accept payment via Credit/Debit Card or PayPal).

Redirect Summary: There will be a *fixed redirect fee for this request, based on each source country.

*Note: No waiver will be given for any return request.
Step 3: Upon successfully payment for Redirect request, customer will see a payment confirmation screen on website, where they can also download a copy of Invoice for this payment. Refer next pages for email notifications automated to the customer.

Download: Invoice copy can be downloaded here (PDF)

Step 4: Upon successful payment, you will receive 3 upcoming emails notifications on the Redirect request:
  1. You will first receive a payment confirmation email.
  2. The second email will notify you with the redirect tracking details once our team arranges for the delivery agent to pick up.
  3. You will receive a third notification email once the package has been handed over to the delivery agent.