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November 5, 2018
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November 5, 2018

Your vPost Account: Tips and Tricks

Shopping online from overseas merchants is always fun. Aside from having a wider range of products available to you, a variety of discounts and offers can also make an overseas purchase more worth it than a local one.

If you are new to shopping online from overseas merchants, check out these tips and tricks to start your journey with vPOST and maximize your savings.

Get to your overseas addresses

As soon as you sign up, you will receive four overseas addresses:
Look for them under the “My Address” from your homepage, or in the confirmation email we will send you.

Your account has a unique identification with your name and VP ID, which lets our overseas warehouse team identify your parcels as soon as they receive them at the warehouse.

Look out for these things while shopping through vPOST:

  • Ensure your items aren’t on the prohibited list for international shipping.
  • Pay attention to your location selection in online shops. US, Europe, Japan or China sites may offer more products, and at lower or special prices, for their local customers.
  • If the cost of your US package exceeds USD 2500, you will need the US merchant to
    fill up the SED form.
  • Pay in local currency instead of the SGD equivalent. Do not use the exchange rate provided by the merchant, as these are typically heavily marked up.

Save more with vPOST while shopping online

  • Bundle your purchases and get base charges for your 2nd parcel onward WAIVED.
  • Throughout the year, we offer exciting promotions to help you save more, so look out for promotion codes in our newsletter. Haven’t subscribed yet? Sign up now and start enjoying 15% off your first shipment. We promise we won’t spam!

Time is too precious

No need to check your account all the time; we will send you an email update once your items reach the warehouse. Remember to white-list us so our notifications won’t go to your junk /spam folder!

Virtual Private Shopping

Trying to access overseas sites but getting blocked due to your location? Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)!

A VPN allows you to shop online while remaining undetectable by geographic location. It protects your privacy while accessing websites overseas. You can easily get steps on creating VPN from various sites. Most of them provide free VPN service as well!

And there you go! Shop smart, shop happy!