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Non-Chocolate & Flowers Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

We are all bored from the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts − chocolates and roses. Rather than running to the chocolate store or florist to pick up the classic chocolates and flowers, why not break out of the tradition and get something unique for your special half this Valentine’s Day. These gifts for him and for her are guaranteed to please (we even want them for ourselves).

Nikka Coley

Switch out your usual expensive Gucci, Fendi and Louis Vuitton gifts for your partner with this contemporary bucket bag that is designed by Asian Designer, Nicole Wong. This bag has a luxe finish which onlookers might mistaken it for a hundred over bucks handbag. In reality, it only costs less than hundred bucks which doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet. The bag comes in 10 different colours, and you’ll get to personalise the bag with your partner’s name.

Link: Nikka Coley

645-in-1 Arcade Joystick Game Console

No, you didn’t see it wrongly. There are indeed 645 games in this game console! Your partner will love you forever if you get this game console for him. And this makes a great couple activity! With so many different games to choose from, you’ll get hooked and challenge each other for hours or even days.

Link: 645-in-1 Arcade Joystick Game Console

Dual UV Cleaner

Do you know that your phone has 18 times more germs than a public toilet? Wouldn’t this UV Cell Phone Cleaner makes a great gift then? The device uses UV light to sanitise your phone, keeping germs at bay. Apart from sanitising your phone, you can also sanitise anything that fits in the device which includes your accessories and earphones. Getting rid of harmful germs will keep your loved ones healthier.

Link: Dual UV Cleaner

Tanamera Weekend Wellness VS Spa Kit 5

Pamper your partner with this herbal spa kit. The kit includes salt scrubs to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, body soap, feminine wash to keep you clean and massage oil to soften dry skin. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves a little TLC.

Link: Tanamera Weekend Wellness VS Spa Kit 5

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