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Save More This Great Singapore Sale When You Shop and Ship From Overseas

Off the top of our head, we can count the 3 largest sale events in the annual calendar- There’s Black Friday, 11.11, and The Great Singapore Sale (GSS). This year, the Great Singapore Sale 2021 organizing committee have teamed up with Lazada to bring the best deals online in lieu of pandemic measures. Pretty nifty when one prefers to do couch surfing and evade queues. We pored through the host of deals and found several good ones, but quickly realized it lacks the truly good deals that one used to find in the GSSs of yesteryears.

Which prompts the question: what constitutes a good sale and how do you know you have scored a bargain?

Here are a few tips- In essence, a good sale should contain:

a) Normally expensive items on discount- just for the event

b) Hard to find items or limited editions also on discount just for the event

c) Every goods and convenience items that one can purchase in bulk to stock up for use overtime

With that in mind, we sourced for similar items across various countries that- even with shipping included - would come at an even greater deal than what is offered during this year’s online GSS.

1) XiaoMi Mi Home Mop & Vacuum

We are back to WFH combined with HBL for a while so a lot of household chores are going to take a backseat. We imagine parents without helpers are wishing for a cleaning fairy who can magically take over the dishes, meal prep and floor cleaning during this time of madness.

But while there is no suggestion for who can do the dishes and cooking, you could ease the burden a little with a GSS sale gadget- Xiaomi’s Mi Home Mop and Vacuum robot that will vacuum AND mop your home once, twice (or even thrice) a day~ dependent on your preference, with its A.I function which maps the house and learn overtime the places that it should avoid. It is smart and nifty, and will head “home” to recharge after a good day of work.

You will barely notice its there as you busy yourself with the children, grocery shopping, work and amid those sometimes stolen online shopping moments to mental decompress.

We found a good deal on Lazada for this, and so far it’s gotten great reviews; but for the real deal, you could head over to TaoBao and get it at less than half the price and top up a small amount for the shipping, which will still bring your average cost down close to half the asking price on Lazada.

Lazada Price $489 SGD (reduced from $599)

TaoBao Price $228.62 SGD (select from DropDown)


Estimate Weight: 3.5kg

vPost China Air Shipping [Base Price $12 + ($1 per 100gm x 35) = $47 SGD

Use vPost China Sea Shipping [Base Price $6 + ($0.50 per 100gm x 35) = $23.50 SGD

Total: $228.62 SGD + $23.50 SGD= $252.12 SGD

Price Difference: ($489SGD- $241.12SGD) =$236.88 SGD

You save: $236.88 SGD

2. Carter’s 5-Pack Style Baby Boy/Girl Rompers

It’s baby season from the lockdown last year! And with adorable little Bubs come adorable onesies and rompers that can best showcase those pudgy, chunky thighs meant for poking out of baby carriers.

Among the number of brands that flood the market, none stand out as much as Carter’s, the American baby apparel house that sells amusingly-captioned and ultra-soft cottony rompers that won’t cause itch or discomfort to your baby’s sensitive skin. However they are known to be priced above what you could get in China or local shops- although your bub is guaranteed soft, skin-loving cotton fabric each time they are dressed in Carter’s.

Within the 2021 GSS baby sale category, a set of 5-rompers sold on Zalora costs $49.90SGD- a pretty good deal if you divide the set by number of rompers within. This time, we went straight to US Carter’s website to check for alternative deals and guess what- you could get the whole set of 5 for just $12 USD if you grab them on sale now.

US Price: $12USD (Reduced from $28USD)~ $16 SGD

Singapore Price: $49.90SGD on Zalora

Purchase Quantity: 3 packs of 5 rompers each


Estimate Weight: 800g

Use vPost US Air Freight: [Base Charge 13.40 + ($0.91SGD per 100gm x 8)] = $13.40SGD + $7.28SGD = $20.68 SGD

Total Cost for Purchase from U.S website: ($16 SGD x 3 packs of 5 rompers each) + ($20.68 shipping) = $68.68 SGD

Price Difference: ($49.90 SGD x 3 packs of 5 rompers SG) - ($68.68 cost of 3 packs of 5 rompers from US + shipping) = $81.02 SGD

You save: $81.02 SGD

3. Fortnum & Mason Loose Leaf Classic Earl Grey Tea (250g)

Every tea lover worth her tea leaves would have asked a UK-bound friend to bring home a few boxes of this good stuff from the century-old fine tea house. But with overseas travel near impossible during this time, desperate drinkers could stock up from suppliers closer to shore, or order it in long distance.

Either way you would have to do it online, and here is what we found:

Price in SG: $112SGD

Price in UK: 12.50GBP ~ $24.90SGD

Quantity Purchased: 2


Weight: 500gm

Use vPost UK to ship: [Base charge $13SGD + ($1.15 SGD per 100gm x 5)] = $18.75SGD

Total Cost of Purchase & Shipping from UK: $18.75SGD +($24.90SGD x 2) = $18.75SGD + $49.80SGD = $68.55

Price Difference: ($112SGD x 2) - $68.55SGD = $155.45SGD

You save: $155.45 SGD

With this, you could definitely get enough boxes to supply several Lady Whistledowns at your next tea party (when the restrictions lift of course), for some serious tea-spilling.

Sounds too good to be true? The catch is, all purchases shipped out directly from the official Fortnum & Mason website to Singapore cost 40 pounds per parcel. That instantly marks up the total cost to approximately $110SGD.

However, with vPost UK’s recently reduced rates with the base charge of shipping from UK to SG via vPost has been lowered from $23 SGD to $13 SGD, and the per 100g charge of $1.25SGD has been reduced to $1.15 SGD, shipping in what the Queen sips has gotten a whole lot cheaper.

4. Bruno Oval Hotplate Electric Griddle

Alongside Le Creuset Dutch Ovens and Kitchenaid Mixers, the Bruno Hotplate is a hotly desired item by the urban homeowner. Running on electricity, the gourmet contraption combines cooking and serving up Mala hotpots, takoyaki or grills in pretty pastel colors designed to add aesthetic flourish to the table. The brand recently introduced a new series in cool, calming tones- and these fresh-looking oval shapes will certainly differentiate those who purchased a Bruno earlier and those who are getting the latest designs hot off the press.

If you love the feel of grey with warm tones of beige combined, we found one of these oval Brunos in Greige off Lazada for $280SGD and they really are delectable looking.

Off Lazada, they are priced anywhere from $288SGD to $350SGD, making this a good deal. However, if you purchase the exact one directly from TaoBao from now till mid-June, you pay only ¥999 ~ $207SGD after utilizing the store’s voucher (reduced from ¥1049), while stocks last.

Lazada Price: $280SGD

TaoBao Price: $207SGD


Estimate Weight: 2.8kg

vPost China Air Shipping [Base Price $12 + ($1 per 100gm x 28) = $40 SGD

Use vPost China Sea Shipping [Base Price $6 + ($0.50 per 100gm x 28) = $20 SGD

Total: $207 SGD + $20 SGD= $227 SGD

Price Difference: $53 SGD

You save: $53 SGD

For a few additional clicks of your mouse, you can save up to $53 SGD (near 20% off cheapest price in SG) for a cook-and-serverware that will level up your hostess credentials when the family gathers and guests finally come over. It’s certainly a fabulous deal that no one should miss.

5. Dyson SuperSonic Hair Dryer

Everyone knows this is the creme de la creme of hairdryers, but only the indulgent few are shelling out 600 bucks for their tresses to “increase smoothness by 75%, increase shine by up to 132% and decrease frizz and flyaways by up to 61%”, as stated on the official Dyson website. The rest of us are at risk of purchasing AAA grade Dyson Hairdryers should we buy them at steeper discounts online.

Price in Singapore: $599 SGD (all official retailers)

Price in USD $399 USD~ $534.22 SGD


Estimate Weight 1.5kg

VPost US Shipping [Base Price $13.40 + ($0.91 per 100gm x 15)] = $22.50 SGD

Total: $534.22 (Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer) + $22.50 (postage) = $556.72 SGD

Price difference: $42.28 SGD

You save: $42.28 SGD

With the great deals abound out there in the World Wide Web on top of the online GSS this season- where you can be sure retailers will go out of their way to get their cash registers ringing- the consumer is truly king.

Have an enjoyable time browsing, do your research to be sure you are getting more bang for your buck; and remember that if your value item lies just across the ocean waiting to be shipped in, vPost will provide the secure freight forwarding to take the worry out of your hands.

Simply click buy, add in your address and press send to let vPost handle the rest. Shopping overseas has never gotten easier.

Note: Prices are accurate at time of publication and may change with fluctuations in currency or promotion deals.

All images are taken from the websites where the products are featured.

By Jessie Kok

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