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September 23, 2021
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September 30, 2021
Here Are 5 Indoor Activity Deals on TaoBao That You Should Get During China’s Golden Week
September 23, 2021
Shop The Best Taobao & Tmall Merchants During China’s Golden Week
September 30, 2021

Have A Scary Good Time At Your Halloween Party With These Fun Decor And Outfits

Nowadays, Halloween is all about dressing up in fancy costumes, catching up with friends and basically, having a ball of a time. Trick or treating is also slowly gaining traction and getting popular here in Singapore in recent years, so do not be surprised if you find a bunch of kids dressed up as monsters or ghosts at your doorstep on 31 October!

Halloween may seem all nice and good fun now but did you know that it originated from something much darker? The orgin of Halloween can be traced back all the way to 2,000 years ago to this ancient pagan festival (Samhain) that was celebrated by the Celtic People. They believed that during Samhain, the dead will walk amongst the living, and that the living can visit the dead as well during this festival. Apparently, the Celts wore ghoulish costumes to trick the dead into believing that they were one of them and that was how the tradition got passed down, albeit for different reasons in modern times.

So now that you know your Halloween history, it is time to get down to some serious online shopping and make sure that you are well stocked for the occasion!

If you are too cool to go full monster costume for Halloween, why not consider this uber cool Halloween cat t-shirt that fits the occasion as well. You get the best of both worlds, i.e. getting into the mood for Halloween and yet still enjoying the cool comfort of a 100% cotton t-shirt. You get the last laugh too when you see your friends getting soaked in their own sweat at the end of the night. Let's not forget how humid Singapore is and not everyone can rock a full-on monster or ghostly costume in this crazy heat.

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Here are some other fashionable options for your consideration this halloween.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Halloween Spirit Jersey for Adults

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Halloween One-Piece Pajama for Adults

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Glow-in-the-Dark Half Suit and Light-Up Tie Costume for Adults

Freddy Krueger Graphic T-Shirt

For more Disney Halloween apparels for both adults and kids, click here.

You simply cannot host a Halloween party without these bad boys. These Halloween coasters are a must-have when you are hosting your friends on 31 October. No party will be complete unless you are resting your drink on one of these lovely coasters that add to the overall mood and asthetics of the occasion. The devil is in the details (literally) when it comes to Halloween parties and you do not want to be caught dead using a Mickey Mouse or Pokemon coaster on this very special day. No offense to Mickey and Pokemon fans! They are super cute but just not right for the occasion.

For more Halloween related decor and items, click here.

If you are really a hardcore halloween fan and wish to show your friends that you are in the mood, then this Black and White Ghosts Backpack is just the thing for you. Why wait till 31 October when you can be rocking this cool backpack on 1 October? Immerse yourself in the halloween festivities and show off your cool backpack for an entire month to your class before making a statement with your full-on monster costume on the night itself! Now, that's how we rock halloween here in Singapore!

For more adorable-ly spooky backpacks to set you or your kids in the Halloween mood, click here.

Decorating your home for halloween but still missing that extra something? Why not get this Halloween Werewolf Happy Halloween Poster to complete the look? Posters are the easiest way to introduce design into a space and you can be sure that this one will be a hit. Nothing screams halloween more than an "old school werewolf bursting out of your wall" kind of art. The poster is printed on 100lb smooth gloss paper and will be hassle-free when it comes to putting it up for halloween and removing it after. Feeling creative? You can consider making your own frame from scrap wood to give it a more eerie feeling.

Here are some other ways to make your home or party feel more "halloween".

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Halloween Doormat

Minnie Mouse Pumpkin Halloween Wreath

Mickey Mouse Jack-o'-Lantern Halloween Pillow

If you are looking to tie the knot on halloween, this Till Death Do Us Part Halloween Wedding Guest Book was custom made for you! If you are not getting married on halloween, this can also be a fun guest book for the guests that you are hosting for your halloween party. Couples who are getting hitched on halloween will have their very own special wedding guest book that they can look back on years later. The cover is not too creepy so you do not have to worry about scaring your future kids and this can also be a super apt bridal shower gift for those who are getting married or engaged in October.

Not sure how to decorate your place for your little ones' halloween party? This Halloween Party Decoration Set is a life-saver because it has everything that you will need for your children's halloween party. And by everything, I mean everything is included, even the ones that you didn't know that you needed. This all-in-one decoration set includes one Halloween party banner with "HAPPY HALLOWEEN"letters, one glitter Happy Halloween cake topper ,24 zombie-themed happy birthday cupcake toppers in 12 designs, and 10 latex balloons in 5 patterns. Basically, it has everything that you need to throw a kick-ass party for your little ones. They will be so happy that you managed to put all these together but they won't know how easy it was though, thanks to VPost.

Here are some other items that you may need to jazz up your halloween party!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ghost Halloween Candle

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Halloween Countdown Calendar

The Nightmare Before Christmas Mug with Spoon

Halloween Ring Pop Individually Wrapped Candy Assorted Flavor Party Pack

Click here for inflated Halloween decorations!

With social media and Instagram so popular nowadays, no party will be complete without this Magic Castle Witch Wizard School Backdrop for photo taking. You can be sure that this photo booth backdrop will be a hit as your guests make a beeline for it to take the most instagram-worthy image with this backdrop. No more dreary backdrops that show your curtains or television, this reusuable photo booth backdrop might just be the best halloween purchase you have ever made!

Get your pets into the mood for halloween as well with this Impoosy Pet Dog Cat Halloween Skeleton Hoodie! Just imagine how adorable they will look as you bring them out for "Trick or Treating" on Halloween itself. They will be the envy of all your neighbours and friends who cannot wait to take a picture with them. You can even get a similar costume and buddy up with your pets to have a blast this halloween. With this super cute costume, you can be sure no pet is left behind this halloween!

Check out these other awesome pet costumes for this halloween!

Winifred Sanderson Pet Costume by Rubie's – Hocus Pocus

Ewok Pet Costume by Rubie's – Star Wars

Stitch Costume for Pets

Click here for more Halloween outfits for your pets.

Thinking of dressing up as Cruella after watching Emma Stone rocking the character recently? Don't worry, we have you covered. This Half Black Half Blonde Wig will be perfect for your Cruella look this halloween. This wig's style is extremely close to the movie's character, and comes with breathable rose inner net with an adjustable elastic band that allows you to adjust the wig to your own head size. That's not all. The wig can also be can be straightened or ironed according to your own needs so you are not stuck with the curls that it comes in. Now, all you need is to bring your "Cruella attitude" to complete the whole look!

Check out these other wigs for your halloween consideration.

Rapunzel Wig with Braid – Tangled

Winifred Sanderson Wig by Disguise – Hocus Pocus

Sarah Sanderson Wig by Disguise – Hocus Pocus

You know that someone is really into halloween when even their toilet is decorated for the occasion. This Halloween Fun Pattern Shower Curtain is perfect for the halloween season as it allows your toilet to be part of the overall decor. The imagery is not too creepy so you can rest assure that your kids will not be terrified of bath time during this period. Guests to your halloween party will also be impressed that you even bother to decorate your toilet. Now, that's what I call effort!

There is no such thing as being too young for halloween and these Halloween Pumpkins Baby Suspender Jumpsuits are proof of that! Your baby will be the centre of attention this halloween if you dress him or her up in these adorable jumpsuits. They are soft and comfy so you do not have to worry about the material irritating your little ones. There are also front function buttons for easy diaper changes and toilet breaks. This is probably the only age you can dicate what they wear for halloween so don't let the chance slip you by.

Need more ideas for your baby's halloween costumes?

Belle Costume for Baby – Beauty and the Beast

Ewok Costume for Baby – Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Woody Costume for Baby – Toy Story

StarWars™ Yoda Hoodie

For more adorable Halloween outfits for your little ones, click here.

Got an older daughter who has outgrown her old cutesy halloween costumes? Then, how about this Fashionable Halloween Allover Print Party Dress? This stylish dress is halloween without being over the top and will make your daughter look like she has a substantial amount of fashion sense. She may not be hitting the runways anytime soon but you will make her a very happy lady this halloween.

Here are more options for your little fashionista.

Anna Costume Collection for Kids – Frozen 2

Maleficent Costume for Kids – Sleeping Beauty

Black Widow Costume for Kids

Stranger Things Graphic T-Shirt

For more adorable Halloween outfits for your little ones, click here.

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