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Top 10 Fun Things Kids Would Love To Do In March Holidays

The March school holidays are finally coming, and parents, you might be wondering what you can do with the kids now that the malls are going to be even more crowded than usual. Well, to help you avoid long restaurant queues and jam-packed places, we’ve compiled a handy list of both outdoor AND indoor activities that will keep the young ones occupied all month long.

1. Coastal PlayGrove

Let your kids squeal down a 4-storey-high slide at Singapore’s biggest outdoor playground at East Coast Park’s Coastal PlayGrove, entirely free! Besides the exciting slide, there’s also the vertical climbing nets and many more playgrounds by the sea peppered along the stretch of East Coast Park.

Get ready for a fun day out with many more activities available there, such as cycling, roller skating, prawning, and even “glamping”!

2. COMO Adventure Grove at Botanic Gardens

Another great outdoor playground that’s absolutely free is the new COMO Adventure Grove located at Singapore’s Botanic Gardens.

Inspired by nature, there are structures resembling various plants such as the Weeping Fig, the Saga Tree, and even a giant Cempedak shell surface for the children to climb about. This helps to translate the old-school “climbing trees” experience into a safe, contemporary version for kids to learn more about nature through their sense of discovery and wonder.

3. Safari-themed Playground in Punggol

If you prefer a playground that’s indoors and not out in the hot sun, we’ve got you covered. Kiztopia® now has a latest outlet near Punggol MRT that has a safari theme, boasting 12 zones, complete with a ball pit, sand pit, and arcade area.

While the kids are busy having fun, parents can chill at the Kiztopia® café while still being able to keep an eye on them. Just make sure to bring your own socks or you’d have to purchase them there!

4. Brickman® Wonders of the World – LEGO® Brick Exhibition

Let’s face it – children are not the only ones fascinated with the amazing invention that is LEGO®. From 12 March onwards, both young and old alike can visit the LEGO® Brick Exhibition at Science Centre Singapore. These LEGO® masterpieces consist of huge models of the world’s wonders, such as the Great Barrier Reef, the RMS Titanic, the Great Wall of China, and our very own Merlion!

These amazing LEGO® creations took a whopping 205 days to complete, and also have interactive elements to keep the kids engaged. Since it may be difficult to take your family on a holiday during this season, why not bring your kids “around the world” with this LEGO® Exhibition?

5. Bond Over Family Game Time

Instead of trying to brave the March holiday crowds outside, some exciting board/card games should do the trick in keeping everyone entertained – including the adults. Check out this hilarious card game called Do You Really Know Your Family? that’s great for ages 8 and up, and even grandparents can get in on this!

There are wacky challenges such as picking a dance move for every player to perform, and trivia questions like “What was my favorite family vacation?” and “If I had to lose one of my five senses, which would I choose?”, serving as great icebreakers to help every family member to get to know each other better.

Another tried-and-true game that’s a blast for the entire family is Sushi Go Party, where you aim to accumulate the most points on adorably drawn sushi and Japanese foods, with competitive gameplay. It’s much more fun than it sounds as it can get quite fast-paced – adults will love it too!

6. DIY Arts & Crafts Together

Get your kids’ creative juices flowing with some DIY art kits that can not just stimulate their artsy side, but also serve as decoration when done! Try this Personalized Rainbow Craft Kit that comes with a laser-cut wood rainbow base and colored yarn of your choice, or this Punch Needle Starter Kit with a huge range of gorgeous designs that are good for beginners.

7. Conquer Cycling

Grab the chance this school holiday to teach your children how to finally conquer their fear of falling off the bicycle. For kids aged 2 to 7 years, this vintage-looking bike with removable training wheels is the perfect helper for your children to gain confidence in their cycling skills. PLUS it comes with a cute basket for your kids’ toys or water bottle!

8. Learn to Roller Skate

Roller skating can help your child to develop coordination, balance, and agility from a young age. These fancy yet affordable Rainbow Unicorn skates have four adjustable sizes, so they can grow with your kids and not be outgrown within a short while. For a cooler look, try these black and blue ones with light-up wheels.

9. Try Out the Ukulele

You’d be surprised how proficient kids can get at playing an instrument, once they put their mind to it. A ukulele is small but can produce excellent sound if one learns how to play it well. Hone your child’s love for music with this cute one that comes in 8 different colors!

10. Go Swimming

Whether your kids know how to swim or not, it’s always a fun time splashing around in the pool as a family! Dress them in their favorite superheroes like Spiderman or a cute mermaid, complete with matching swim goggles!

With so many options to entertain your kids during this school holiday, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Your kids can enjoy not just physical activities at the various outdoor playgrounds, but also mental stimulation, thanks to the games and crafts. But most importantly, any of these activities will go a long way in building precious, happy memories for not just the kids, but you parents as well.

Note: All prices are accurate at time of publication.


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