Shipping Items from US and UK to Singapore
November 5, 2018
Shipping Items from US and UK to Singapore
November 5, 2018

Standard, Economy, Sea… Which shipping option is best for me?

It depends on what you are shipping.
Your packages do not just have weight, they also take up space in cargo. Therefore, shipping charges can be based on two things: actual weight and volumetric weight (size).

Standard Shipping:

Fastest delivery, but size matters

Our Standard Shipping gets your goods to you in the shortest possible time.
However, under Standard Shipping, you are charged according to whichever is higher: weight or size. For example, a book or a mug may not weigh much, but if it comes packaged in a bulky box, you pay according to the size of that box!
If you are shipping items bigger than they weigh, or don’t mind waiting a little longer, try Economy Shipping.

Economy Shipping:

Pay for the product, not for packaging

Under our Economy Shipping, you are charged according to actual weight only. Shipping bulky luggage, for instance? No problem: you pay for the weight of the case and its contents, not for how bulky it is.
In addition, if what you are shipping is small enough, we will deliver it straight into your letterbox, with SMS notification for your convenience! No long walks to the post office or POPStation to collect small packages.
Economy Shipping takes longer than Standard Shipping, but you get the assurance that you will be charged for what you ship — not its wrapper or the wasted space in the box.

Sea Shipping:

Best value for big & bulk shipping

Lastly, we have Sea Shipping to serve you for those large, heavy items, such as furniture or bulk shipments.
This shipping option takes the longest, but it can be great value for money in certain cases. For example, if you run a business and regularly ship big items, Sea Shipping is perfect for you. Even individual buyers can take advantage of Sea Shipping by planning ahead of time to order large quantities of products!

Frequently Asked Questions

1What packages are eligible for direct letterbox delivery?
Only Economy US packages that fit letterbox sizes are eligible.
2What happens if my package does not fit my letterbox?
Your package will be delivered to your doorstep. If there is nobody home, a delivery advice card will be issued.
3What if I want my letterbox-sized packages to be delivered to a post office or POPStation instead?
These delivery options are still available for selection if you prefer.
4Will this service cause any delivery delays?
Rest assured, your package will still arrive according to the estimated date of arrival shown on the payment invoice.
5How do I track my package?
You may track your package status hereor at SpeedPost’s website using your package’s item number (e.g. VE0000XXXXXXX).
Please reach out to us here, if you have any questions. Happy Shopping!