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Shipping Items from US and UK to Singapore

With great shopping deals happening almost monthly, getting discounted items in the US and UK is indeed a great idea.
But shoppers are usually unaware of the items that are prohibited to enter Singapore Customs.
Dangerous goods are prohibited to enter the country for valid reasons.

For example

  • Items with external batteries and products that contain alcohol are avoided due to possible explosion danger.
  • Perishable goods like an egg are not allowed since it may break and cause spoilage of other products packed together with it.
  • Weapons like sword, gun and knife are restricted for the reason that they may be used to cause harm.
For the full list of items that vPost does not enter Singapore from the US, click here.
For the full list of items that vPost does not enter Singapore from the UK, click here.
To move away from getting items abroad, one must be knowledgeable on what items cannot be shipped from the US and UK are regulated by the law.

Enjoy Shopping Online and Ship Smart!


GST Relief Tip
Any goods brought in Singapore are subject to 7 percent GST (Goods and Services Tax). However, online shoppers can enjoy GST relief depending on the goods. To learn more, you may go here.

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