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June 26, 2020
Shop and Ship from Australia to Singapore at the Cheapest Rates With vPost
April 22, 2021

Ship More, Save More With vPost

vPost Helps You Save More on Shipping, so You Can Spend More on Shopping!

Too often we find items online and become “add-to-cart” clicker happy – only to realize during check out that the shop does not ship to Singapore (“arrrghh!”). In that moment of disappointment, you may have wished for a friend who resided in said country. Someone you could forward those parcels to, and (of course), would love you enough to post a truckload of purchases over to Singapore.

Other times, the thought "all I need is a residential address" comes to mind when you are just one page away from clicking the “buy” button, thinking how life could be so easy.

But life can really be that convenient! And for online shoppers keen to purchase hard to get items from Australia, you can OWN an Australian address along with it. All it takes is signing up with vPost, the only “friend” you’ll need to forward those parcels from Australia to Singapore. But isn’t that expensive? No, it’s not! At the newly reduced base charge of just 7.50 SGD by vPost, shipping from Australia to Singapore has NEVER been cheaper. In fact, we have also reduced the old nett weight charges from 1.20 SGD per 100grams to just 99 cents per 100 grams now.

Ninety-nine cents! That’s less than a dollar for every 100 grams of shipping, making it the lowest forwarding rates from Australia to Singapore.

With the price adjustment, vPost officially takes the lead in providing the cheapest shipping prices from Australia to Singapore, while equipping vPost friends with their OWN Australian addresses to forward all their Australian shopping to. And yes, you can purchase as many parcels, from as many shops as you like. Your buddy at vPost Australia will pack up those precious packages into ONE convenient single parcel so they’ll arrive neatly to you in Singapore– further reducing the chances of individual parcel loss while also reducing your overall cost.

And of course, the more you ship, the CHEAPER shipping gets per nett weight. So even if you decide you’ll only need just ONE cute tee, the cost of forwarding it from your Australian vPost address to Singapore could be as low as 12.45 SGD for *500g parcel. Now that’s EVEN CHEAPER than direct Australian postage rates to Singapore, and we haven’t counted in the forwarding and re-packaging service which vPost throws in for free.

*Minimum chargeable weight for Air Freight is 500g per box and an incremental weight break of 0.1kg thereafter. Invoice will be based on the chargeable weight.

How It Works

Consolidation of different packages from various brands shipped to your unique vPost Address. vPost charges by volumetric weight OR actual weight, whichever is higher.

Combi 1

Single Package, 3 Items, 1 Shop

x2 Maxi Floral Dresses (1kg) + 1 Woven Bag (0.3kg)
Total Weight: 1.3kg
Cost: S$7.50 (New Base Charge) + S$12.87 (New Charge $0.99 per x 100g) = S$20.37
Price Per Gram Shipped: S$0.0157

Link: Sportsgirl Australia

Combi 2

2 Packages, 5 Items, 2 Shops

x1 Pin-Tuck Shirt Dress (0.3kg) + x1 Double Breasted Blazer (0.4kg)
Link: Witchery

x1 Margot Jean (0.5kg) + x1 Rib Tee (0.2kg) + x1 Jane Combart Boot (0.9kg)
Link: Camilla & Marc

Total Weight: 2.3kg
Cost: S$7.50 (New Base Charge) + S$22.77 (New Charge $0.99 per x 100g) = S$30.27
Price Per Gram Shipped: S$0.013

Combi 3

3 Packages, 9 Items, 3 Shops

x1 Fiora Gown (0.2kg) + Hooded Jacket (0.4kg)
Link: Camilla & Marc

x1 Kids Bella Sunhat (0.1kg) + x2 Lola Barette (0.2kg) + 1x Drew Barrette (0.3kg)
Link: AvenueTheLabel

x1 Men’s Mercerized Crew Neck Tee (0.4kg) + x1 Italian Braided Leather Belt (0.4kg) + x1 leather bomber jacket (3.5kg)

1 x 22” Ocean Mist Penny Skateboard (5kg)

Total Weight: 10.5kg
Cost: S$7.50 (New Base Charge) + S$103.95 (New Charge $0.99 per x 100g) = S$111.45
Price Per Gram Shipped: S$0.010
From the above, it is evident that vPost not only makes shipping heavier parcels cheaper, they create more bang for your buck to pile on the shipping, so you can save more for the shopping! To ensure you’re not paying for wasted space, consider dropping the merchants a note after purchase to request for them to pack your goods into the smallest possible box so you can save on volumetric weight. You are assured of the cheapest shipping prices in the market with vPost, which now offers the lowest shipping rates in the market.
Take advantage of these great deals and start adding items to your cart! We are currently running limited time only promotions, be sure to check out what we have in store for you.

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