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April 1, 2021
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April 28, 2021

Shop and Ship from Australia to Singapore at the Cheapest Rates With vPost

Shop, Ship AND Save with vPost

If you have been searching for a reliable shipping carrier that will send your parcel from Australia to Singapore in a jiffy, but have realized there are only a few such shippers around, you can end your search now! Thanks to our new rates, vPost officially provides the lowest carrier cost from Australia to Singapore at a base charge of $7.50 and $0.99 per 100g - making it the market leader in providing the cheapest air freight forwarding from Australia to Singapore.

Comparison with Other Shippers

There are few forwarding carriers in the freight space that provide similar services like vPost for Singaporeans who like to shop online and want to order directly from Australia. These few carriers usually tag on to common Australian freight and charge a premium over the usual shipping rates- making freight forwarding more expensive for the average shopper. In our previous post, we highlighted a few examples of parcel charges when shipping to Singapore via vPost. Here we compare one of the more common examples of parcel shipping charges from various logistic companies versus vPost to highlight the price difference and how much one can save just by choosing vPost.

Previous Case Study- a consolidation of 2 packages from different shops into a single parcel with a nett weight of 2.35kg:

Combi 2

2 Packages, 5 Items, 2 Shops

x1 Pin-Tuck Shirt Dress (300g) + x1 Double Breasted Blazer (400g)
Link: Witchery

x1 Margot Jean (500g) + x1 Rib Tee (300g) + x1 Jane Combat Boot (900g)
Link: Camilla & Marc

Total Weight: 2.35kg
Cost: S$7.50 (New Base Charge) + (new charge $0.99 per 100g x (2400/100)) = $7.50 + $23.76 = S$31.26
Price Per Gram Shipped: S$0.013

At SGD$31.26, you could get an average of 5 items, or about 2.4kg in weight, shipped under one consolidated package from Australia to Singapore. We used this weightage as a comparison against the few other logistic companies that provide shipping from Australia to Singapore:

Company Type Type Price for 2.4kg Parcel Consolidation Delivery Time
vPost Australia Freight Forwarding 31.26 SGD Yes 5 - 10 Business Days
Company A (B* & Sh*p)  Freight forwarding  36 SGD Yes 9 - 12 Business Days
Company B (Sh*p & Sh*p) Freight forwarding 43.59 SGD No 3 - 4 Business Days
Company C (T*ll) Postage Only (sender must be present for shipment to be sent) 49.79 SGD No 3 - 4 Business Days
Company D (AUS Po*) Postage Only (sender must be present for shipment to be sent) 62.78 SGD No 6 - 9 Business Days
Company E (D**) Postage Only (sender must be present for shipment to be sent) 108.65 SGD No 1 - 2 Business Days

We can see based on the table above that the majority of the carriers do not provide the middleman service, nor the parcel consolidation service that is essential to help shoppers save on their overall cost of shipping. vPost provides both the necessary middleman AND consolidation service; and with its new LOWEST shipping rates, guarantees that shoppers are afforded the cheapest and most reliable way to ship their parcels from Australia to Singapore.

And it is not just us who say so! Ask our vPost community who have used our services, and have returned to enjoy the cheapest and most reliable shipping services to forward their shopping from 9 countries to Singapore. Be it from Australia, the U.S, U.K or Japan, or any other of the 9 countries on the vPost platform, these Singaporeans have enjoyed cost-savings with vPost and have returned to use our services again whenever a reliable shipping forwarder was needed for their shopping.

All it takes is one sign-up; and you’ll get 9 different country addresses unique to your username which you can use, when shopping online in any of the 9 countries. It is the perfect choice for Singaporeans who love to shop. The process is easy too:

1. Simply input your unique country address for the specific country you are purchasing from- in this case Australia-

2. Wait for vPost’s email to inform you that the parcel has arrived at your Australian “address”.

3. Log-in to make payment, and voila~ Sit back and wait for your parcel to show up at your Singapore doorstep.

It is an easy, affordable and the most reliable way to shop in Australia and any of the 9 countries that vPost has established their presence in.

With vPost, there is no more searching for the lowest shipping rates from Australia to Singapore. You have it right here at your fingertips- the cheapest and most reliable shipping to get your shopping from Down Under to the comfort of your home- saving you time AND money so you can focus on the buying.

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