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April 22, 2021
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April 30, 2021

Trends: Billie Eilish Broke The Internet with Her New Blonde Hair While Wearing This Face Mask and We Are Obsessed

Long before face-mask wearing was a thing, Billie was already showing up in her now signature baggy clothing, balaclavas and hiding her profile beneath face-masks. Interestingly, the singer likes to keep herself hidden while being seen - and face-masks have always been the way to go for her. Now the singer has put her fashion stamp on a good cause with her recent post on Instagram- a photo of her new blonde hair and wearing a philanthropic 100% Human Line face-mask by clothing retailer Everlane, which will channel 10% of the proceeds from every mask sold to support the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

As Yahoo reports, both fans and celebs alike are going nuts over the functional yet versatile face-masks. At a price tag of 35 SGD for a set of 5, these double-layered cotton masks with elastic straps combine style, comfort and versatility with an ethical voice to boot, and we love how affordable they are. So far, user reviews have been extremely positive, with many stressing how good they feel on the skin while marveling over the soft elastic straps that do not pinch the ears. Among the plethora of good reviews are from return buyers- including a gym-goer who purchased a second pack to wear during her workouts, and another who purchased several sets for her family members. Other noteworthy reviews include a mild-asthma sufferer who highlighted how comfortable it was to breathe in despite her condition, and another user who shared the lack of odour detected during the initial un-packaging of the masks. We do however, recommend washing the masks at least once before using them, since users will be inhaling through them and the mask fabric would also come into direct contact with the skin once worn.

Style-wise, you can opt for the pure-black set of 5, the Grey-black 5-piece set for a little more variety to match your daily outfits with, or the tie-dye set if you would like to pay tribute to Billie’s style. Slip one into your bag, leave another in your glove compartment, and you would still have 3 more to last past mid-week and laundry day. Since that works out to be just 7 dollars per reusable cotton face mask, we’d say it’s a pretty good deal. But you’d have to hurry to get your hands on them. At the time of writing, the fourth set which we would have loved to wax-lyric over- a pretty pastel tie-dye set- is already sold out. And we are sure more will fly off the shelves in the next couple of days.

Everlane is currently offering free shipping on all first orders, so you would want to hurry on to their website to grab a set for yourself. The website channels 10% of their proceeds to charity - even the items on sale- so you’d be doing something good while purchasing these affordable gems to your heart’s content.

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