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Children Are Kings in Our Kingdom

We all know children can be sweet little angels when they are well taken care of, and these happy pills will bring continuous joys to our lives when they are constantly filled with positivity. Studies have shown that happy and positive children tend to be physically healthier, better in learnings, higher self-confidence and eventually became more successful in adulthood.

"The best way to make children good is to make them happy"

. – Oscar Wilde

While there are plenty methods on ensuring children’s happiness , it drills down to 2 essential components: supply necessities and provide adequate rewards – such as gifts – as token of appreciation for their assistance in daily chores, recognition on good performance in school or special occasions celebration. Perhaps sometimes, you do not even need a reason to buy a gift for children. Surprise them with the gifts to cheer up their day yet at the same time, not forgetting to teach them the values of gratitude and appreciation.

Celebrate Children's Day in China

In China, the nation celebrates Children’s Day on 1st June of every year. This is to promote the awareness on children’s welfare, education & growth as well as to celebrate the presence of children in our society.

And here comes the good news – in line with the objective of this occasion, several eCommerce merchants in China (such as Taobao, TMall, JD.com) are having discounts & promos on children’s items.

In this post we will be sharing a few promotional items , and with the help of vPost ’s fast & cheap forwarding service, you may save up a lot more on shipping purchases from China to Singapore . This way, you will be able to spoil your kids with gifts & essentials without costing a bomb.

Mini Claw Machine – The Best Stay Home Game

Recently, claw machines are trending again where you get to see them in various shopping malls with different content designs and setups. Although claw game is fun and challenging, the potential required cost to succeed could be high and not to mention the pandemic situation we are in right now where it is best to avoid contacting public surfaces.

As such, it is highly recommended to get this downsized claw machine at discounted price from T-Mall and enjoy the same form of experience together with your kids at home.

Photo: TMall

Kick Scooter - Great Outdoor Experience

It is always children’s dream to own a kick scooter so why not fulfil their wish with this cute and special kick scooter that comes along with glowing wheels – making the entire outdoor experience extra fun and cool. This may also help to distract your kids from all the gadgets and electronics; allowing them to explore outdoor more often and getting fresh air.

Photo: Suning

Explore Child’s Music Talent with Ukulele

Ever wonder if your child could be talented in music but fear that he/she might give up halfway after invested so much in music lessons and instruments? Here is an idea for you: start with ukulele! It is a relatively cheaper music instrument, slightly easier to learn and still be able to spark your child’s interest in music. So, grab this ukulele from JD with the awesome deal to begin your child’s music journey.

Photo: JD.com

Brain Development Booster - Interactive Baby Playmat

This interactive playmat is equipped with colourful dangling toys, rollable toys and large sound keys where your baby can step or press on the keys to play lullabies, animal sounds and more. This way, parents can lay back a bit while watching over your baby self-explore and amused by the fancy items on the playmat.

Photo: Taobao

Prudence Starts from Young with Mini ATM

No matter which generation we are from, one of the key values we learnt from our parents is none other than prudence. To boost your child’s interest in saving money, you can get this not-so-typical “piggy” bank from JD for your child where it has pin unlock and auto cash rolling functions.

Photo: JD.com

Learn More About the Universe with Telescope

Children learn about sky and universe from textbooks or websites but this can never fill their endless curiosities. Therefore, let us introduce this powerful telescope where your child will get to observe distant objects from afar and learn more about the moon and stars from our beautiful night sky.

Photo: TMall

A New Way of Expressing Creativity - 3D Printing Pen

Why limit your children’s imagination with pen & paper when they can express their creativity in 3D form. This 3D printing pen from T-Mall is safe to use as the printed material is low in temperature, it is cordless, and the refills come in different colours. A great way of learning geometric shapes in 3D forms too.

Photo: TMall

Stylish with Comfort Backpacks

These days, student’s bag tend to be heavy and bulky due to all the school homework and textbooks, and sometimes including tuition materials as well. Therefore, it is important to invest in a comfort bag such as this Disney bag from T-Mall that comes with water resistance material, back support and wide shoulder straps to reduce your child’s daily baggage burden.

Photo: TMall

Let Your Child Walk and Run Carefreely

“A pair of good shoes will take you to great places” – this quote is applicable to everyone regardless of age. This pair of comfy shoes from Suning not only stylish but also breathable, easy to wear & flexible where your children can carry out daily activities without getting sore feet at the end of the day.

Photo: Suning

Every Girl wants to be a Princess

No matter you are from royalties or not, your baby girl can always be a princess – at least in our very own kingdom. This beautiful floral princess dress from Suning with sleeveless design suits the hot & humid weather in Singapore where your princess’s skin will still be breathable after a day out.

Photo: Suning

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