Other possible charges are, but not limited to, Customs GST and/or duty and License fee and any other applicable taxes and fees.

Holding Fee for processed item/ package: Once your item/package has been processed, vPost will notify you by email of the shipping charges payable for that package/item. For vPost USA, vPost UK, vPost Japan, vPost China, vPost Malaysia, vPost Thailand, vPost Taiwan and vPost Australia it will be a charge of S$1.50 per item per day for items that are held for more than 30 days from the processed date.

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Once your packages have arrived at our warehouse, you can proceed to declare and make payment under ‘Action Required’ tab.

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We have waived off all repacking fees! Rest assured, we will ensure that you enjoy savings on your package even after considering the repacking fee.

However, please note that if the merchant delivers a package that arrives at our warehouse in conditions deemed unsuitable for shipping, you may incur additional repacking cost on that package.

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All goods, including Free of Charge (FOC) items or replacement goods imported into Singapore, are subjected to Goods & Services Tax (GST). For items without any value indicated in the invoices, you have to obtain the commercial value of the items from the supplier/merchant. Therefore, the declared value at the time of import should be based on:

  1. The transaction value of identical or similar goods from the same country of origin that is exported at about the same time, or
  2. The original price payable for the goods as if they are sold for export to Singapore.

Please refer to Singapore Customs’ website or their circular on the valuation of goods declared for GST purposes.

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As per freight industry practice, the chargeable weight of a package is calculated based on Volumetric or Actual weight, whichever is higher.

The volumetric weight of a package is a calculation that reveals the density of a package, and we use the below formula to derive the volumetric weight of a package

Volumetric weight = [ length(cm) x breadth(cm) x height(cm) ] / 5,000cm You can advise your merchant to ensure proper packaging or pack your purchase into a smallest possible box.

In addition, you can aggregate your shipping charges by paying multiple packages together. As such, you can enjoy the bundle discount ranging from 3-5%. Find out more about shipment aggregation.

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For step by step guide, please refer to the details here.

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For shipments to Singapore, all declared values of goods, vCare and freight charges are converted to Singapore Dollars.

The Goods and Service Tax (GST) is calculated based on the CIF of all packages in an invoice.

The current GST rate is at 8% of the total CIF (Cost, vCare and Freight)

To estimate the GST applicable for your invoice, simple sum up the cost of your products with the shipping cost and vCare charges, if applicable, and multiply it by 8%.

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